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Study Level: BTech, BSc, BEng, BA, HND, ND or NCE

Amount: ₦3,000.00

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This study assessed the imageries in indigenous newspapers in Uyo Metropolis. The research method applied in this study is content analysis. Select indigenous newspapers were used. Using the simple random sampling method to analyze the front-page imagery. Putting into consideration the message, news worthiness, space allocation, the pattern and diverse trends of converge, the use of news pictures were studied. Place imagery in printed news is a vital but over looked feature of the public debate regarding the deposal of information in the society. A content analysis of newspaper coverage reveals that publishers use the society imagery in the rhetorical strategies involved in making argument for and against the community. This research work also indentifies specific elements in the news production process that privileged certain conceptualizations   of the  society over others, and its highlights alternative visions that have appeared in editorials, travel pieces, and commentaries. Take together, the data and analysis suggest that journalistic sensitivity to value-laden imagery can result in more balanced and critical news account of public debates. However, the findings show that indigenous newspaper need to improved on the use of news pictures especially the front-page imagery to communicate news worthy messages effectively. The following recommendations were made; that the front-page imageries should communicate a message in all ramifications because they will determine  the level of attention readers will give to newspaper.


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Title page   =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         ii

Certification         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         iii

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Table of Content             =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         ix-x


1.1      Background to the Study       =         =         =         =         =         =         1-4

1.2      Statement of the Problem     =         =         =         =         =         =         4-5

1.3      Objectives of the study           =         =         =         =         =         =         5

1.4      Research Questions      =         =         =         =         =         =         =         5-6

1.5      Significant of the Study           =         =         =         =         =         =         6-7

1.6      Scope and limitation of the study  =         =         =         =         =         7

1.7      Definition of Terms      =         =         =         =         =         =         =         7-8


2.1      Introduction         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         10

2.2      Concept of imagery       =         =         =         =         =         =         =         10-11

2.3      Visualizing and verbalizing for language           =         =         =         11-12

2.4      Forms of imagery          =         =         =         =         =         =         =         12-13

2.5      Why we use imagery    =         =         =         =         =         =         =         13-16

2.6      Concepts of newspaper          =         =         =         =         =         =         17-21


3.1      Introduction =     =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         22

3.2      Research design or design of the study  =         =         =         =         22-23

3.3      Population  and sample size of the study          =         =         =         23

3.4      Research Instrument   =         =         =         =         =         =         =         23-24

3.5      Method of data collection       =        =         =         =         =         =         24-25

3.6      Technique for data analysis             =         =         =         =         =         =         25


4.1      Introduction         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         26

4.2      Presentation and analysis of data collected from case study      26-31

4.3      Discussion of findings =         =         =         =         =         =         =         31



5.1      Introduction          =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         32

5.2      Summary    =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         32

5.3      Findings       =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         33

5.4      Conclusion =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         =         34

5.5      Recommendations          =         =         =         =         =         =         =         35-36



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1.1    Background of the Study

                    Newspaper in Uyo metropolis has been a major source of           information owing to its long existence and reliability in the       media industry. People from all works of life access      information from the newspaper and equally pass their      information via the newspaper as a medium to reach their       audience in effort to reach a large number of audience, some mocha house choose to segment their papers into imagery           caption and even add or slap certain segment to maintain a           particular volume of pages while selecting it content to reach     wider readers. This has no doubt reflected in our attitude    towards reading. It is assumed that the increase in the number   of readers has an influence in the purchasing power which in        variably encourages the production of more papers with richer content due to image production and attachment. Again it should be noted that, the newspaper producers give more attention to topical issues which are of concern to the masses, for instance, in a society where there is little or no encouragement in the science and technological sector, the media seems to be silent one such discourages. This has also cripple the passion and dreams of up coming scientist, since it indirectly conveys to them science and technology is of less importance to the society and as such attract less attention by the media, a suppose image marker of the society. It should also be noted that there are areas where the media tries to write and encourage the masses and it appears rather difficult for the masses to flow with the idea. Topics like business entrepreneurship and like opportunities which contain ideas that are capable of alleviating the ironic poverty which has strip them of self confidence and dignity to restore the hope of dependency but the masses resist topics like this and prefer going to entertainment, spot, politics and the likes. This singular attitude from the masses which emancipate from poor decision making has cripple business activities. In other words, there would have been more business investors, and more job opportunities, had the readers play their role by given attentions to reading issues that can contribute to economic growth “An informed society is a transform society; in the same manner uninformed society is deformed society heading for a doom” Though the media is not given up on this issue, as a watch dog of the society the media has a role to play in the economic development of the society and social integration. As such the constantly device means of presenting this type of information in a more appealing manner to capture the readers, there has been daily and weakly exclusive of generating capital. They have produce newspapers that focuses mainly on business activities such as “Business Day newspaper, economic magazine success digest newspapers etc as additional effort to appeal to the masses. As a researcher one could view the necessity of business report by newspaper most especially on the indigenous newspapers in Uyo metropolis as it influence decision making by this corporation. If the depend on the newspaper for information before taking decisions dependable. To what extent does newspaper impacts on there business?

1.2 Statement of the problems:

       Observations so far reveal that newspaper in Uyo. Exclusively indigenous dailies devote time space and money to business reporting. Newspaper being an informative medium may justify the resource expended on aspect of reporting. It is assume that business newspaper reporting is beneficial to the readers most of whom should be people in business. This assumption flows from the suspicion that newspaper may be gaining from business report, hence the consistence of news reportage. Going by this assumption the question that this study sought to address was: To what extent has business reporting in Uyo newspaper affected on management

decision making process in select indigenous newspaper in Uyo Metropolis.

1.3 Objectives of the study:

    The objectives of the study were to:

  • to study how imagery serve the function of information dissemination.
  • to make recommendations based on the findings of the study in Uyo Metropolis.
  • finding out the importance of imageries in the newspaper that goes beyond page-fillings or aesthetics in Uyo Metropolis
  • find out how imagery in newspaper reports can be improved upon in Uyo Metropolis.

1.4    Research Questions

                   Based on the objectives of the study, the researcher   questions           formulated are:

  1. What is the  pattern of imagery coverage in newspapers? does  it vary from one newspaper to  another in Uyo Metropolis
  2. Does the front-pages imagery relate to the news headlines or does it give a different story in Uyo Metropolis?
  3. Does an image serve as a powerful tool of social change in Uyo Metropolis?
  4. Does newspaper give their readers a full understanding of  issues through the news picture in  Uyo Metropolis?

1.5 Significance of the Study

The research will examine the current trend of imagery in indigenous newspaper in Uyo Metropolis.

The study will establish the function of imagery as a tool of communication, information and persuasion.

The study will serve as a guide and reference for future researcher in the assessment of imagery in indigenous newspapers in Uyo Metropolis. The findings and recommendations will serve to improve and reposition the trend of imagery in indigenous newspapers in Uyo Metropolis.

1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study

                 The researcher was constrained by numerous variables     that did not give room for the full completion of the study,    thereby     giving room for more researches. They are: lack of       research    publications and lack of enough finds to carry out          the study.

LEADERSHIP Newspaper March 25, 2018 by Leadership Newspapers Nigeria - issuu

1.7 Definition of Terms

The term have been defined

Assessment:  Is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse source in order to develop a deep understanding of what student know.

Imagery: Rhetorical decoration in writing or speaking; vivid description presenting or suggesting images of sensible objects; figures in discourse.

Indigenous: Originating or occurring maturely in particular place: nature.

Newspaper: A printed publication containing news and stories that appeal to a heterogeneous audience.

Front-page: The first page of a newspaper that serves as the cover, containing remarkable news.

Caption: A brief explanation below a photograph meant to give additional information.

Photojournalism: The art or practice of disseminating news or story telling pictures through photographs.

Reader: A person who reads newspaper

Journalisms: The process of news gathering and dissemination through publication to a specific audience.

Uyo Metropolis: This is the city of Uyo which is the capital of Akwa Ibom State.



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