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Body Modification, Communication, And Academic Performance Of Female  University Students

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Body modification practices have gained popularity in recent years, particularly among young adults, including university students. This essay explores the potential impact of body modification, specifically focusing on communication aspects and its influence on academic performance among female university students. Drawing upon existing literature, this essay examines the effects of body modification on communication skills, interpersonal relationships, self-perception, and psychological well-being. Additionally, it investigates the influence of these factors on academic performance and suggests strategies for promoting a positive educational environment for female students engaging in body modification practices.


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People, by nature, judge others by what they see before they look deeper into the person’s actual character or abilities. There are several theories that have been built around the study of  body modification or body art as some people call it. But by what ever name it goes the philosophy or configuration takes the same form and nature . It is about what an individual chooses to present to the public as its body image that he or she thinks it defines image, aspiration, dreams and even culture and lifestyle.

Appearance can be an equal part in one’s success or failure due to identity denial and stereotypes. Therefore, understanding socialization and appearance norms can be pivotal in successfully communicating one’s abilities. Every group has labels which are considered characteristics or attributes that would be found in their members. An example of this may be found within the group of a football team. Members might be expected to be athletic, tall, big, and passionate about the game of football. While many of the team members might fit these stereotypes, some do not. In the self  categorization theory the extent to which a person matches the group’s characteristics is called prototypical (Turner, Hogg, Oakes, Reicher, & Wetherell, (2017).

The practice of body modification has evolved significantly, encompassing various techniques such as tattoos, piercings, and cosmetic surgeries. This essay aims to shed light on the relationship between body modification and academic performance among female university students. Understanding this connection is crucial, as body modification remains a prevalent trend among young adults, potentially affecting their communication skills and subsequent educational outcomes

In today’s society body art seems to be highly correlated with individuals that are at the
college age and slightly older. Therefore it would be beneficial to look at the research of body art
in relation with college aged students. One study determined that the higher the individual’s
GPA the lesser tolerance they had of getting a tattoo or piercing (Dale, 2007). This experiment
also concluded that the “attitude of employers hiring individuals with tattoos was split almost
evenly with half saying that they should not discriminate towards them and the other half saying
they should not hire them” (Dale, 2007). Students at a Christian College did not view that the
Bible specifically forbade tattoos and that even in certain translations of the Bible it does not
even state the word tattoo Firmin et. al., (2008).

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Statement of the Problem

While cultures change and people progress or regress, there is always a consistent
expectation that is accepted by a society or culture. These expectations create behavioral and
appearance norms known as normative order. Norms can be affected by many sources including
geographic location, age, religion, media, and authority (Blake & Davis, 1964). Even though it is
known that norms exist, as cultures evolve norms change. Without testing and evaluating the
current cultural expectations of acceptable dress, one cannot understand the social norms. While

there are an infinite number of appearance characteristics to test, this study focused on modesty
of dress and hair color. Many people claim that individuals should have control of their own
body. This may seem true, the question can be asked if it truly is true. Through the norms of a
society, people must meet certain expectations in order to survive and provide for their family.
Hence this study seeks to ascertain if there is any significant relationship between Body modification, Communication and Female Student Academic performances . Can we say that this body art influences a student academic performances in any way .  Does Body modification communicate any meaning that can influence academic performance.

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