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BOOK REVIEW ON Research Methodology in Political Science

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Study Level: BTech, BSc, BEng, BA, HND, ND or NCE

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Title:                             Research Methodology in Political                                             Science

Author:                          ISAAC N. OBASI

Place of publication:  Enugu State

Publishers:                            Academic Publishing Company

Year of Publication:    1999

Number of pages:       XXIV + 300 = 324 pages

Price:                                      Not stated













The need for an incisive discussion on the competing variants of political science methodology cannot be over- emphasized, this is one of the rationale for the book.

Also, the dearth of Research Methodological textbook in the discipline of political science has led to the need to provide a disciplinary-based textbook for Nigeria university students. This disciplinary-based textbook is what the author has introduced.

The book resolves the issue of specifying the detailed procedures involved in research execution process.

The book is therefore an attempt to fill the existing gaps to relevant literature of political science research methodological.



          Content of the book ranges from Epistemological foundation of research conceptual skills in research execution, typologies of research, scope and methods of political science, presentation process of planning and executing research, the importance of research, measurement in research, survey and sampling techniques, instruments of data collection, methods of data presentation and analysis, principles of bibliography citations, types and development of research proposal, nature and methodology and research in political science, e.t.c. These are organized in distinct but related chapters.



The book has twelve (12) chapter accompanied with summaries of discussions in each chapter and end-of-chapter references.

Chapter 1 deals with Epistemological Foundation;

Chapter 2 presents the conceptual foundation;

Chapter 3 examines the typologies of research’

Chapter 4 illuminates the scope and methods of political science research;

Chapter 5 talks about the research planning and execution

Chapter 6 treats Measurement

Chapter 7 deals with surveys and sampling techniques

Chapter 8 examines instrument of data collection;

Chapter 9 presents methods of data presentation and analysis;

Chapter 10 deals with principles of bibliographical citations;

Chapter 11 presents the nature, types and development of research proposals

Chapter 12 conclusively explains the nature, methodology and state of public administration research.

CHAPTER ONE (1): Introduces the epistemological foundation, analyzing with relevant examples the different methods of seeking knowledge, science and scientific method, the debate on the scientific status of political science research, the crisis of methodological choice or direction in political science. It also treats the problem of complexity of political phenomenon and also examining human reaction problem in the process.

CHAPTER TWO (2): Titled “THE CONCEPTUAL FOUNDATION”, it treats the concepts, terms and terminologies in political science research. Such concepts and terms like variables, hypothesis, theory, empirical research, framework, model, paradigm, methods and methodology, research design and the relationship between theoretical and empirical spheres of research.

CHAPTER THREE (3): Focuses on typologies of research. It examines the different typologies of research, quantitative vs qualitative research, experimental vs non-experimental research, historical research, descriptive research and ex-post facto research.





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