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Crime Impunity and Its Effect on National Security

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Malami: Nigeria not among countries with impunity, crimes against journalists – Opinion Nigeria


Chapter One

Background Of The Study

One of the mortal security issues that humankind faces across the globe is crime. Several countries have plodded to check soaring rates of murder, fortified thievery, and hijacking , as well as medicine trafficking, coitus trafficking, lawless munitions trafficking, and a slew of other crimes. In Nigeria, crime is manifested by a convulsive increase in both violent andnon-violent crimes( Okechukwu, 2011).


Fortified thievery, assassination, and hijacking for rescue are now devouring the country like a surge, breeding enterprises and anxiety about public safety( Okechukwu, 2011). Nigeria has been on the global crime chart since the 1980s, thus the increase in crime has been constant( Dambazau, 2007) Poverty, bad maternal parenting, and mercenariness among the kiddies; get rich fast mindset, and an ineffective crime control model of public security, among other factors, have all contributed to decades of crime. According to Osawe( 2015), crime depicts the government’s incapability to give a secure and safe terrain, stating that” decreasingly murderous horsepower is likely to beget advanced situations of destruction; and that the addition of sophisticated artillery creates a vicious cycle in which contending regulars engage in an arms race to gain dominance in capability”. similar contests are frequently violent. There are no crime-free zones in Nigeria. The prevalence and mortality rate, still, vary. According to the Nigeria Watch Third Report on Violence in Nigeria( 2006- 2011), crime is the alternate most common source of violence in Nigeria, and it’s particularly current in the south, particularly in densely peopled metropolises similar as Lagos and Port Harcourt. As a result, it’s critical to continue to probe both violent and peaceful crimes in Nigeria in order to identify trends and patterns. Given the intimidating growth in felonious conditioning in Nigeria, similar as fortified thievery, terrorism, and other associated crimes, the terrain for lives, parcels, and the conduct of profitable operations is critical( Osawe, 2015). Scholars and social judges have linked numerous reasons of crime. The vacuity of artillery in the hands of unlawful druggies, especially civilians, is one of them, and it promotes crime in Nigeria.


Statement Of The Problem

Crime immunity has for a long time troubled the security and system of justice in Nigeria. Despite how pivotal of a challenge it’s to National security, it has been overlooked for a long time and crime continues to go unpunished leading to a shaft in corruption and all other devious acts in the country. There’s little exploration that has been conducted on this subject matter pertaining to Nigeria, therefore, this study will fill the gap as well as give sapience as the critical need to face and fight against crime immunity in Nigeria as it poses a huge trouble to National security.


This study seeks to assay crime immunity and its goods on public security.


Ideal Of The Study


The primary end of this exploration is to assay crime immunity and its goods on public security. therefore, the following exploration objects;


1. To determine the extent to which crime immunity exists in Nigeria.


2. To assay felonious immunity and determine its goods on public security.


3. To recommend means through which crime immunity can be checked in Nigeria.


Exploration Questions


The following exploration questions guide this study;


1. To what extent does crime immunity live in Nigeria?


2. With an analysis of felonious immunity, how does it affect public security?


3. What are the recommendations that can be proffered to check crime immunity in Nigeria?


Significance Of The Study

This study will be significant as it relates to crime immunity, a major cause of concern to Nigeria’s security. This study will also be helpful as it’ll be an addition to the academic world as it’ll give content on crime immunity in Nigeria and its goods on public security. Also, recommendations to check the rate of crime immunity in Nigeria will be proffered in this study.



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