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By Phae Ebong

Stars in the ky; exult with no reason
Pacing around the beautiful blue sky
Laying idle with pain; stars have no season
They shine with ease; I’m their spy
I wish they knew I want them in me
Their dance has induced a long for gladness
Only if they had eyes to see
I’m drowning in the pool of me-ness
I wish they were humans; all the same
I wish they knew I watch them.

Prying into their every move
Seems tiring; they don’t leave
They stick around with love
Buh! my links left; that I saw
Unknown to me; I Sent them away in disguise
I never hated them; I loved their flaw
I wish they reciprocated that bise
I wish they loved me as the stars love
Buh they’re gone; now see my joy
I wish they’re here to share in it.

Yes! I check up on them; I don’t mind spiking
At dusk they come; they really care
They love me for real; so they come flickering
Its amazing that I can stand; I just stare
Finally I can swank
That I’ve got new company
They own a coast
And they know I was their emissary

Get in among us; a call I await
To fail you; I will forestall
Ill shine when you shine Ill love; don`t give in return
Oh day of the resounding call
Come thou quickly
For thoughts of you
Brings hope that pain will flee soon

In nights, your love rests in me
Memories of past promises reecho
The wait of your call reechoes too
It`s hope; hope that will last
For centuries and decades
Your love unsurpassed; love unseen
Come quickly I plead, for your love I envy
Call now; your call I await

Reaching for you, hard
You live in me and I know not
Spent years watching you
Alas! I know I have you in me
Any desires? Spill for I await thee fully
Packs of ivory; vest of gold
Bracelets of silver; In safe for thee
Your love; my lesson ,I await thee.

Love of you; life I know
Your love as Gods; so spy I will be I love you, cant you see
Even in decades; even in death I await thee
With my presents; for a companion you are, and a kiss
I`ll give For showing me life and love unworldly
Come now; I await thee!
Or your spy I remain.

As Complied By Phae Ebong a content developer @ ProjectSolutionz

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