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The study examined the problems of drug and substances, abuse among students in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State. in the course of this study, the concept of drug substances and their abuses as well as misuse were looked into. The views of different authors about drug abuse were equally examined. The study was aimed at finding out how parents and family background, peer group, curiosity, etc contribute to drug abuse problem among youths in this area. It was discovered that because some parents especially fathers are drug addict their children fall victims of drug abuse because they want to imitate their parents. Also some children abuse drug because their parents are in pursuit of materials wealth and they neglect their children, thereby allowing them to fall into bad  hands at this juncture, peer groups set in as a result of the laxity of the children because of their parent perpetual absent from him in search of wealth, this children fall into bad gang who initiate them into the act of drug use and abuse.   


Chapter One     


Statement of problem

Purpose of study

Research question

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Limitations of the study

Definition of terms

Chapter Two     

Review of literature


Chapter Three  



Population of study

Research instrument

Data analysis


Chapter Four    

Analysis of data discussion of result

Chapter Five     









Drug abuse is assuming an epidemic dimension. It has become one of the central issues of our time. Parents, teachers and various bodies concerned as well as government are now disturbed more than ever before by the rapid and alarming rate at which youth are being drawn into drug subculture.

According to Agubike (1990). Drug abuse is defined as “the use of drug above the prescribed dosage and for purpose other than the original prescription” drug abuse is also the use of illicit drugs, or the abuse prescription.

Furthermore, drug on its own is a chemical that influence or modifies the action of body’s own chemistry, in other words, it’s any substance which when taken modifies the body function. Unfortunately, most people ignore such medical advice or direction but indulge in drug abuse or misuse.

Drug may be in the class of family of

  1. Stimulant such as tobacco, cocaine or coffee.
  2. Depressants such ass alcohol and other subclass of depressant as heroin, morphin, opion and it’s derivatives
  3. Hallucinogens.

Accuse of an SSS3 student in western boys high school (2), Benin as an example in one of the secondary school in ikpoba okha local government area, can be used to exemplify some of the popular side effect of drug abuse this boy, as I was told by one of the teacher that he smoked Indian hemp and started behaving in almost abnormal manner. Apart from shouting on top of his voice and fighting with his classmates, the headmistress failed to bring him to order, when she tried because he bluntly refused to obey her, the boy’s refusal to ever recognize the presence of the headmistress as he boasted and beat his chest that not even God could make him stop what he was doing. It therefore took a combine effort of the policemen and other members of staff to bundle the boy away from the school.

Among other effect of drug abuse can be identified by having mental problems, trembling hands, damage of the brain and also profuse sweating and headaches.

The Lagos weekend revealed that the real problem as far as drug abuse is concerned is within individual family obligation that the end of drug abuse is far from near, also the report further disclosed that two strong parent who function well with family circle can offset the many negatives encountered by their children outside.

Parent as guardian and teachers as character molder have a major role to play in the general upbringing of the child when they discover that a child is already utilizing drug they should do everything to discourage the child from consumption of drugs. Closer attention should be paid on the child’s welfare through monitoring the child’s activities and type of friend the child moves with. With the family as the launching base, the war on drug abuse could then be extended to the larger society with effective programme base upon accurate information. It will require several basic ingredients such as education of the public at large, prevention, campaign and the willingness of all to face every aspect of the problem.


The main problem of this study is to investigate the effect of drug abuse among students of secondary school in Ikpoba Okha local government area Edo state.

The prevalence of drugs consumption among post primary school student are on the increase in our environment. It is reported in studies that the effect of these menace is responsible for deviant behaviour, juvenile delinquency, abscoundnment from school etc. This study will therefore investigate if the causes of drug abuse among student in secondary, the effect on their academic performance in school in the study area.


The objectives of the study are as follows:

  1. To examine the causes of drug abuse.
  2. To examine the role of parents in controlling their wards in drug abuse.
  3. To determine the effects of drug abuse on the students.
  4. Provide information on how it the of drugs among students.


  1. What are the causes of drug abuse among secondary school student in the study area?
  2. What are the effects of drug abuse among secondary school students in the student’s area?
  3. Why do most students abuse drug?


The importance of carrying out this study is that it could serve as a reading text to many who want gain deeper knowledge about cause, effects and control of drug abuse.

This study will encourage the people of Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area to establish drug rehabilitation centers with the help of the Ministry of Health, Drug Inspection Unit (D.I.U)

Above all, this piece of work will offer very useful suggestion on the impaction of drug abuse and the role family and teachers play to prevent drug abuse.


Illicit: Not allowed by law or illegal.

Curbing: To control limit something especially something bad.

Drug-Subculture: A group of people united by a common understanding of the meaning and value of the incorporation into life of the drug in question.



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