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This study was to explore the possible impact of supervisor on effective bank management with particular reference to Afribank Plc Enugu.

To guide this research the following four research questions were formulated as thus.

To what extent are human and non-human resources adequate for efficient inspection in Afribank Plc, Enugu?

To what extent are central measures against bad debt in the Afribank being achieved?

To what extent has the bank provision against computer fraud being achieved?

To what extent are the workers assured of job security and satisfaction? A structured questionnaire developed by the researcher was administered to a total so male and female staff of Afribank Plc, Enugu.  They were selected using the entire population for reliability.  Hence the data collected and analysed using percentage mean and rank order. Major finding include:

  1. That male is in majority in Afribank Plc, Enugu
  2. That greater majority of the staff is single.
  3. That majority are HND/Degree holders.
  4. That greater majority of the staff have serve for 6 to 10 years.
  5. Those resources are not adequate except few resource items.
  6. Those computer frauds have not been experienced in the Afribank Plc, Enugu.
  7. Interferences and job/position insecurity of inspectors affect objectivity report and recommendation.
  8. Bad debt occurred in Afribank sometimes.  Based on the findings major recommendation made include that
  9. In- service training should be given to staff on regular basis to get abreast with demands of the time.
  10. The use of delegation as a supervisory strategy to be in professional touch despite physical remoteness in all sectors of the bank.
  11. Seminars, staff meeting, individual conference, demonstration service, provision of office bulletin and make people closer would make for supervising efficiency.
  12. Promotion of good working relationship by cultivating desirable temperament.
  13. Leadership functions such as coordinating, resourcing and serving should be taken serves as a core development in the bank.
  14. Staff safety are welfare must be assured for continuity.


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