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The researcher aim at knowing the detail of office information  an communication system  skills needed by secretaries  in today’s business. The work is divided into fire chapters the first chapter to works. Into the background of the study, statement of the study, purpose of the study, significance of the study, research question, and scope of the study.

The chapter two bring about the review of related literature, on office information and communication system skill need by secretaries in today’s business and authors name. The chapter three aims of finding the solution to some specific problems. The research methodogy, design  of the study, area of the study, population of the study, sample technique  instrument of data collection,  validation of the instrument, method of data collection, method  of data analysis.



1.1 Background Of The Study

The process of information today has greatly improved as well as widened both in meaning  and in scope by constant improvements  in the  field of technology  unlike in the by gone years. Offices are now equipped with how modern  electronic machine.

At the turn of the century most written information was compiled  by hand, in pen and ink, copies  were  made by hand, an communication was by letter,  telegraph or in person. Today most of the  tedious  functions related to information handling  and processing  and done through the  computer and telecommunication systems, these systems have evolved to the point where a manager can be in touch with his  business  form his or her home, car or in mid-flight

Managing  information is one of the most challenging tasks facing most business offices today, be it private public, government  or multo-national corporations. Recants innovations information technology have necessitated  the need for constant review of  new technical  method and equipment in information  processing. This  will also  result in constant review of our information  processing  system. This new innovations should help keep the business  information  system current and every accurate  so that quality  decisions can be made at every level.

Today, the outcome of technology is newspaper less  office occasioned by office information and communication system  with the tools of information  and communication system such as E-mail, internet,  fax telex, telephone, world wide web (www) and  video conferencing the etc. office and services  have  become much easier, faster, and satisfaction  the world has  turned  into a computer age,  through the element of office  information and  communication system. It was and is still the key enabler  to this new way of working  that has  transformed the landscape  of todays business  (Umunnah, 2003) .

In the view of O. bring (2002) office information  and communication system is the  use of microelectronic  equipment  for processing information and communication. Information  and communication system is the  discipline encompassing  computer systems, telecommunication  networks and  multi- media application, little wonder Ojukwu and Ojukwu, (2002) defined the term as the acquisition  processing, storage, and dissemination.  Of vocal  pictorial  textual and numerical  information  by microelectronic  based  on combination of computing  and telecommunication. Office information  and communication  system are  advantageous in changing workers attitude  to work especially the secretaries  investablishign efficiency in communication,  in profit, in operating new jobs and effective in mass education. In deed, office  work would have been cumber some and organization goals  and objective unattainable without the tools of office information and communication system.

There is need that current development  in the  area of office information and communication system, should  be investigated with  view of identifying  skills  that  should be infused onto  today’s secretaries.

This is necessary so as to  bridge the gap between institutional training  and work  place demands for specific skill o3 brim (2002) urged business  and office educators to use  appropriate methodology to  discover what requirement  and abilities (ie skill) are needed  by secretaries  in the todays business  to respond technological advances in the collection,  processing, storage and retrieval of  information he opined that the new ability  requirements  should be converted into educational objectives  in forma of performance  goals  that  explicitly  and unambiguously  described jobs  and task in  the business  of today.

The need for secretaries to posses skills  in handling office  information and communication  system  for effective job performance in the  business of today cannot be over emphasized no business  of today can function or flourish  effectively with out proper application  of office information and communication  systems in this period of sophisticated information  and communication  technologies  and succeed in face at stuff  competitions from rivalries in todays business. So  far that these office information and communication  system are indispensable  for  efficient  management  information  and  communication , therefore, the secretary’s  skills  are the  major determinate to the level of success to be achieved in the applicator of these  system.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

 The sophistication  of office  information  and communication  systems  no doubt has crated a lot of problems that  need to be taken care of . for all  types  of organization to succeed in today’s rapidly  changing  environment , they  need to be able to  process  data and use  information  effectively. In conducting their day- to-day operations, organizations use information  for functions such as planning, controlling organizing  and decision  making. For  instance  most secretaries  in todays business  cannot operate modern equipment that  is used or found  in the office  today. For  example faxing, E-mailing, and  sourcing for information in the web, securing information  by using  password.

Therefore the problem of this study is to ascertain the office information and communication  system  skills needed by secretaries in today’s business.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

        The  main purpose  of this study is to investigate on the  basic office information and communication system skills needed by secretaries  in todays business.

Concisely, this study seek to ascertain the following such as.

    To identify the office information  and communication system  skills needed  by secretaries in  today’s  business  for operating fax machine.

    To determine the telephone skills needed by secretaries in today’s

    To find out the telecommunication  skills needed  by secretaries  in today’s business.

    To assess the skills needed by secretaries on computer/word processing operation.

    To analyze the communication system skills needed by secretaries  in the operation of internet relay chart and video conferencing.


        It is hoped that this  study will be great benefits to management  in business organization and government  parasites, as it will make  them  identify  know more about office  information and communication system  skills required in any modern business organization.

Many, if not most business uses  computer  to process  data into useful information. There are few  modern offices  which have not introduced some aspects of compute operations into their  information processing tasks. It is  therefore very likely thatm upon entering the business environment  the secretary will be required to use a compute to interact with her company’s computer-based  information system  to perform  many of her processing  tasks.

Therefore, it is crucial that successful office information  and communication system  skills should  enhance  the qualify  of work life for a majority

Of employees while facilitating business processes. Secretaries cannot be complacent and rely on their basic  office skills. The ability to be  corner sant will computer, word  processing , desktop publishing  equipment, data-base, spread sheets, computer  application  and future  innovation will be an essential requirement needed.


  1.  What office information and communication system skills needed by secretaries in today’s business for operating fax machine?
  2. What E-mail skills is needed secretaries in today’s  business?
  3. What telecommunication skills needed by secretaries in today’s  business?
  4. What are the skills needed by secretaries in computer/ word processing operation?
  5. What communication system skills needed by secretaries in the operation of internet relay chart and video conferencing.


This study aims at convening  the office information and communication system skills needed by secretaries  in today’s  business.The study covers the entire Owerr using  selected corporate business establishment both  public and private  organization.



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