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1.1 Background to the Study


Business education as a component of technical and vocational education is said to be a set of instructions that prepare students for jobs in the business world. Business education, like many other courses is aimed at providing an individual with knowledge, skills, aptitudes and methods required in business training. Thus, Business Education is the preparation of individuals for enterprises or employment. The philosophy behind business education is to prepare its graduates for work and for the development of the society. Aliyu (2004) explained that business education programme is a programme that incorporated all business courses. These include Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, purchase and Supply, Business Studies, Secretarial Studies etc, while at the teacher education level three major components are identified, thus: Accounting Education, Distributive/Marketing Education, Office Tecchnology Management.


Adeshina and Aliyu (2011) stated that Office Education is part of Business Education programme that equips students with all office technology management domain in order to be effective and efficient. Office Education as a programme of study in Business Education programme is expected to be equipped with instructional facilities such as typewriters, computers, photocopier, scanners, projectors, standby electric plant/generator, air-conditioners, radios/tape-recorders, video recorders, television, executive tables and chairs, executive cushiness, stop watch, console head phones among others, with qualified teachers that could use varied teaching methods and techniques for teaching and learning.



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