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Background to the Study                                                     

Statement of the Problem                                                     

Purpose of the Study                                                            

General Questions                                                                

Research Questions                                                             

Research Hypotheses                                                           

Significance of the Study                                                      

Delimitation of the Study                                                     

Operational Definition of Terms                                           


Concept of academic performance.

Causes of poor academic performance among secondary school students on social studies

Socio-Economic Status (SES) and academic performance of students

Types of family and students academic performance

Family size and position inn the family.

Summary of related literature reviewed


Research Design                                                                   

Population of the Study                                                        

Sample and Sampling Techniques                                       

Research Instrument                                                           

Validity of the Instrument                                           

Reliability of the Instrument                                                

Administration of the Instrument                                        

Data Analysis Techniques                                                    

Too many schools fail pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, says report |  Education | The Guardian



Background to the Study

         Social studies as discipline is gradually gaining ground in Nigerian institution of higher of higher learning. It is a core subjects which now made compulsory at the primary and junior secondary schools levels.

          It is on record that having realizing to enhance functional and productive teachers in the subject areas who could improve the status of Nigerian secondary school students in the subject.

          There have been several studies done with in and out side Nigerian on the effects of home environments as well as the socio economic status of parents on the academic achievements of students (Ajila and Olutola, 2007; Uwaifo, 2012). Research has found does in school and the amount of confidence the students have for themselves. However, in Nigerian, like other growing economic nation, families are finding it more difficult to stay in contact with their children’s major cities such as Lagos where both parents work outside the state. Carmen (2007) noted that the extended family has become significantly less extended as mobility has increased parents are becoming isolated from their children and finding it difficult to keep a careful watch on what needs to be done to help them succeed in school. Many families are not even led a parent, but by a grandparent, guardian, or some other adult. Education is the best legacy a nation can give to her citizens especially the youth. This is because the development of any nation or community depends youth. This is because the development of any nation or community depends largely on the quality of education of such a nation. It is generally believed that the basis for any the developments must commence with the development of human resource. Much their said formal education remains the vehicle for social economic development and social mobilization in any interested prolong military rule and aborted civilian administrations, which necessitude the promulgation of degrees edicts and levels. The inconsistence continuation of government, due to coup defeated emphasized the continuity in the implementation of educational laws and policies since 1970s till the presents time fallen standard in education of the primary and secondary school levels (Shitu, 2004).

          Frequently changes of ministers and commissioners of education by successive government coupled with the politicization of education by political parties that emerged in the country’s political leaders in 1979 have also brought about disparity in educational practices, which caused differential academic performances and classroom functioning of both teacher and students from state to state.

          With the changes in family life and indeed in societal make up, schools are now finding it increasingly difficult to keep parents informed of and actively engaged in the day to day progress of their children (Deslandes and Bertrand, 2007). Teachers and administrators are discovering that the support they once received in getting students to do their home work is not there, because the parents are not home to assist the students to complete their assignments.

Statement of the Problem      

          The national policy on education (2004) laid much emphasis on qualitative education for the development of a strong nation. For this policy to succeed there are a lot of factors to be considered one of such factor includes family background: Research work on the influence of family background on academic performance of pupils had been conducted mainly in developed countries. While, (2001). There is the need to investigate the relationship between family background and academic performance of pupils in the Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State to find out how they correlate with other research finding.

          Observations and report from examinations bodies like WAEC, NECO, and JAMB revealed that a high percentage of secondary school students continue to performance poorly in examination. This poor performance is likely to be caused by some factors such as lack of parental care, poverty and lack of interest in education hence. This study was conducted to investigate the extent to which these variables determine the social studies achievement of secondary school students in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara state.

Purpose of the Study    

          This research work is aimed at the following;

  1. to find the influence of socio economic status of students on their academic performance.
  2. to determine the extent to which parental occupation influence the academic performance of students in social studies.
  3. to determine the influence of parents’ educational background on students academic performance in social studies.

General Questions   

  1. What are the influence of parental background on the students academic performance.
  2. What are the influence of parental educational status on students level of understanding in secondary schools.

Research Questions

          In order to achieve the desired objectives the following research questions were raised to guide the study.

  1. Is there any influence on socio economic status of parents on student’s academic performances?
  2. To what extent does parental occupation influence the academic performance of students?
  3. Is there any influence of parental, educational background on student’s academic performance?

Research Hypotheses

HO1:     There is no significant relationship between parent socio economic status and students academic performance.

HO2: There is no significant relationship between parent occupational status and students academic performance.

HO3: There is no significant relationship between parent educational status and students academic performance.

Significant of the Study 

          The usefulness of this research work in the educational system can not be over emphases. The result of the study will provide an individual or group with the opportunity to be exposed to the relationship that exist between the student academic performance and his socio economic status hence the link can be reached.

          The study will also enhance or provide the understanding of the individual why there are differences in academic performance of the individual in school particularly in the course social studies.

          Likewise, it will serve as a means through which the parent will be aware, their vital role in academic performance of their children and how to limit the gap between academic performance of their children and the socio economic status of themselves.

          The study will also provide the opportunity for school administration, teacher as well as individual parents to adequately planned and prepared on issues relating to the influence of home background on students academic progress in schools.

Finally, the findings of the research work will serve as useful tools for teachers and fellow researchers who wish to conduct similar or related research work.

Delimitation of the Study

         The researcher confine the study to secondary schools in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara state specifically designed for junior secondary schools students who are engaged in social studies.

          This means that application of the research findings in generalization with in the geographical area of Oyun Local Government Area, Kwara state.

Operational Definition of Terms 

Socio Economic Status:- This can be defined as the interactional level of the individual based on his ability to provide his material needs against the background of the meager available resources.

Academic performance:- In the context of this study it refers to the degree of exhibition or output in educational activities in the school which over the aspect of learning (cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains).

Performance:- One achievement, ability in a particular test.Status:- This refers to the position of parents in the society or level of parent either socially, economically and educationally.