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1.1     Background of the Study

By definition, public relation is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization such as a business, government agency or a non-profit organization and the public.

It is an accepted fact, that public relations (PR) is important in the survival of all types of organization today, since it is expected to play direct and indirect roles in gathering goodwill for the organization and demonstrating public accountability.

As there are different organizations, public relation is expected to play this role selectively in order to satisfy the diverse expectations of both the organization and their target publics.

Public relations are the task of goodwill creation directed at building harmony between and organization and its public through mutual understanding based on truth and full information.

It is a deliberate plan and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics. The institute of public relation (IPR) in United Kingdom has defined public relation so.

Public relation is aimed at winning the cooperation of those who have something to do the organization to ensure their understanding. This would only be possible through the implementation of programmes of action which serve both public interest and the organization.

Accordingly the duties of public relations are directed toward developing and encouraging attitudes and behaviour which will nurture the seeds of mutual understanding and assist in building strong and healthy growth. Haywood (1996) shares the view that public relations encourage pursuance of positive step to active goodwill.

P.R advocates elimination of practices which through legitimate or illegitimate means may offend public opinion or jeopardize mutual understanding.

Public relations encourage the building of corporate reputation. Thus, an organization must ensure that it makes public image acceptable.

Many scholars: Harlow and Black (1989) have contributed to the success of defining what public relation is and also believed and wrote on its as act (deed) representative a group or organization.

According to the 1978 mexican statement, “Public Relation practice is the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organizational leaders and implementing planned programmes of action which will serve both the organization and the public interest” Rosevoult D. E. (1983).

The fundamental of Public Relations practice.

With regards to this definition, public Relation is viewed as a management function that conducts research to identify public attitudes, the plans and executes communication programme, designed to earn public understanding and acceptance that is to say, public relation play a vital role in helping business ventures.

Corporate bodies and organization to create a strong Relationship with customers.

In addition, the purpose of public Relations practice is to establish two communication seeking common ground of mutual interest and to establish understanding based on truth, knowledge and full information. Sam Black (1989) therefore, public relation serves the flow information between the organization and the public and also provides organization and opportunity to be exposed to their audience using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment

According to the institute that to Public Relation (IPR) said that to establish and maintain mutual understanding

1.2     Statement of the Problem

In many organizations especially profit oriented firm management focuses on how to maximize profit at the expense of their customers.

The management of Enjim hotel and suite Uyo, does not seem to realize the potentials of public relation in building a good image for the successes of the organization.

As a result of this, it is not known whether there are public relations personnel to handle public relations functions at Enjim hotel and suite Uyo, this is why, this study become necessary.

1.3     Objective of Study

  1. To findout the extend customers of Enjim hotel and suite Uyo, are exposed to public relations of the organization.
  2. To find out the relationship of customers of Enjim hotels and suite and staff of the organization.
  • To ascertain the influence of public relations on customers satisfaction in Enjim hotels and suite, Uyo.
  1. To find out the level of influence of Public Relations on customers satisfaction in Enjim hotels and suite, Uyo.

1.4     Research Questions

  1. To what extent are customer of Enjim hotels and suites, Uyo exposed to pubic relation activities of the organization?
  2. How is the relationship between customers and staff of Enjim hotels and suite Uyo?
  • What is the influence of public relations on customers satisfaction in Enjim hotels and suites, Uyo?
  1. What is the level of influence of public relations customers satisfaction in Enjim hotels and suites, Uyo?



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