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1.1 Background of the Study

Commercial is defines as a non – personal communication of information usually paid for and it is usually persuasive in nature about products, services  or ideas by identified sponsor through various media, Aren (1996).

Commercial is a marked tool that serves several functions. It identifies functions; it identifies and differentiates them from others. It also communicates information about the products and includes the trail of the new products, by new users and suggests repurchasing by existing users to increase products use. It also builds brand references and loyalty etc.

Historically, commercial began in the early times when most people could not read and write. The nature of commercial changes from time to time since it s originated, perhaps as 400B.c, until the invention of printing press in about (1440) by Johannes Gutenbery, since then its role has been significantly altered at least twice. Once in response to industrial and once with the annual of affluent society, the past world war II era has been marked by Weber  (1945) the growth and radio commercial intense marketing competition and increased attempts to differentiate products through strategies or other techniques.

Naturally, commercial is governed by the strategies, basic message remains the same whether it is in radio process, posters or television.

But each medium calls for differing techniques and offers it advantages and opportunities. With radio you can communicate in sound usually in hearing or listening. This is what makes the radio so powerful in one area of listening. With the coming of commercial radio in (1895) by Gulieimo Marconiradio as s medium of communication was however not popular in Nigeria before the mid 70s its high cost and was this restricted to the rich. Today, radio as a medium of commercial is now very popular as it is now found in almost every home, even in a remote village. So, everybody can now have access to usual communication by listening to commercials on radio, either in their houses, neighbor’s house or in their cars and phones. This enable the manufacture that advertises his product to be rest. assured that the message will get to the target audience.

The influence of radio commercials on the buying habit of consumers, especially indomie noodles is the thrust of this project. The influence of radio commercials on the buying habits of consumers is the paramount importance to this researcher. Hence, radio is an effective way of bringing message to consumer because of its characteristic way, it grabbing people’s intention, it is being commenced if not wholly but partly towards a particular commercial, such that will convince the target audience, the commercial must understand the complexity of human behavior and the variety of influences on behavior.

Consumer’s behavior is affected by both internal and external influence, the consumer’s perception of the world, the world consumers learn and habits they have developed. External influence includes family, social structures and culture.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

It is observed over time that consumers in Uyo Local Government Area prefer indomie noodles to other brand products. It is perplexing to observe such an increasing surge for a particular product in the sea of other competing brands. It therefore becomes intriguing to find out why indomie noodles commands such a compelling   patronage.

Could this happen as a result of the influence of AKBC radio commercial of the product? This is what this study attempts to find out.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The objectives of this study research work are as follows.

  1. To find out if residents of Uyo Local Government Area listen to indomie commercial on AKBC radio.
  2. To know whether the people of Uyo Local Government Area who often consume of indomie noodle listens to radio commercial on AKBC
  3. To find out the perceptions of the residents of Uyo Local Government Area about AKBC radio commercial on indomie noodles.
  4. To assess how AKBC Radio indomie noodles commercial affect buying habit of residents of Uyo Local Government Area.

1.4 Research Questions

To achieve the set goal of this study work the researcher formulated the following questions

  1. Does residents of Uyo local government area listens to indomie commercial?
  2. How often do people of Uyo consumers of indomie noodles listens to radio commercial?
  3. What is the perception of the residents of uyo local government area about AKBC radio commercial on indomie noodles?
  4. What are the influences of indomie commercial on the buying habit of residents of Uyo local government area?

1.5 Scope of the Study

This research project focused on the consumer’s buying habit of indomie noodles. It is limited to Uyo local government area.




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