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This work deals with foreign exchange management in Nigeria by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from 1959 to July 2004. the need to manage foreign exchange became imperative as a result of dis equilibrium in the foreign exchange market caused by inadequate supply of foreign exchange management is a conscious attempt to harnesses foreign exchange resources deploy them to service the economy so as to prevent the economy from experiencing shocks due to foreign exchange volatility.

The central focus of thesis is to examine how CBN through its policy measures manages foreign exchange in the country. To carryout this thesis, the respondent makes use of both primary and secondary data. Questionnaires were in line with the objective of the study.

Based on the objective of the study the findings reveal that the role of CBN in managing foreign exchange is not impressive. The impact of exchange rate policy in managing foreign exchange is not encouraging, the activities of panel market operators negatively affect the effective operation of the foreign exchange management  . conclusion and recommendations were made in line with the findings.


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