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Study Level: BTech, BSc, BEng, BA, HND, ND or NCE

Amount: ₦3,000.00


The downturn is the fortunes of most business in Nigeria in recent time has been attributed to several factor including global recession inflation fluctuation in the value of the naira etc. Poor motivation may portray clear display of lack of interest in the work through non- challant attitude to things that would  have helped the banks torture. This study is aimed at finding our how the banking industry overcome its motivation of manpower problem in order to maintain its high productivity and performance level.

The population of the study was one hundred and twenty (120) staff in the union bank of Nigeria PLC Okpara Avenue Enugu.  In conducting the research 133 questionnaires were distributed and all were returned.












  • Background of the study

 The The researcher is interested in the union Bank which was formerly know as Barclay’s bank was a product of the post independence indignation process in Nigeria as part of the abortive banking boom and crash the late 1940s and early so, 1959 saw the biggest country was of coursed triggered off by the establishment of CBN and the era of the free bank period. This period saw the establishment of the Barclay’s bank domination with others. Although many later fails such as the industrial and commercial bank the Nigeria merchandise bank etc. Today the Union Bank Plc has emerged as the leader in the banking sector in Nigeria with both the largess number of shareholder and the greater asset base.  Even in the face of the unfavourabe business atmosphere and crunching policy the bank has defined all to lead the column of both the new generation bank and its contemporaries. The question is why all the success stories? It correct that there must have been  the product alternative motivation factor, It is not easy to motivate an individual, for the success of any motivational effort depends on the extent of which the motivator meets the needs of the individual employees for whom it is intended. Motivation is an internal psychological process whose presence or absence is intended from observed performance. In Nigeria today, lack of proper managerial knowledge, economic depression and high rate of unemployment have made most workers subjected to themselves, to deplorable working conditions, which of course are the catalyst of low performance.

The management of most organization tends to believe that workers are satisfied with their job but unfortunately they are not.

The disadvantage of these to the employers that workers will not put in their best and the result will be low performance.

Managers in most of the organization are aware of the situation in the labour market, and as such went to capitalize on that to subject workers to deplorable working condition. It is when one is satisfied both physically and psychologically that such a person can perform his best. Therefore, intimidating workers or threatening to sack can only worsen the situation. But cannot solve it. Job satisfaction presupposes going to work and getting believed of work done. In Nigeria, most at times, the pay given to a worker is not commensurable to the type of work done. This is the reason why sometimes efficient and experience worker leave an organization for another organization that pay more or stay in the organization and perform below expectation. Why the bank is not particularly affected like others with frequent staff management disagreement motivation as the root?

1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM 

The study is concerned with the motivation of bank workers for higher productivity in the banking sector.  As effective motivation of workers  is very important for the function of any business most especially in the Nigeria banking sector. The caliber of those that run most of the banking sector have not developed that ability to attract and maintain competent mangers and customers.

Event in the recent year has been a near collapse of this sector leaving many bank in distressed contribution and liquidation while some have managed to survive.

The fact therefore remains flaring that the banking sector and other matter making organization in federal no matter how sophistically well designed its building is still built on efficiency of the available human resources and actual input which has its root at internal during forces developed by that makes the human recourses in the organization and the bank in particular.  It therefore take the with and dedication of this groups for this tools to actually function effectively.

Considering the above therefore the need for a diligent and lowest work force for higher productivity cannot be over emphasized. My believe than remain that this is a resultant effect of workers motivation.  Poor motivation may portray learn display of lack of interest in the work through non-challant attitude to things that would have helped the banks fortune.

1.3              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

The basic objective of any organization is higher productivity maximization of profit.  This cannot however be achieved without enough incentive on the actual tools applied towards this inform of motivation itself.

This research work is designed to achieve the following objective:

  1. To identify the extent motivation go as an instrument in the encouraging work productivity in the banking sector with special  interest on Union Bank Plc Okpara Avenue Enugu.
  2. To find out ways in which lack of proper motivation brings inefficiency and low productivity.
  3. To find out  whether fringe benefit go as an instrument for higher productivity in the banking sector
  4. To identify how the bank offer training facility allowance to their staff
  5. To find out ways the customers staff management relationship have any effect on workers job performance in the bank.

1.4              RESAERCH QUESTION          

In this research work attempt has been made to provide answer to the under listed pressing question:

  1. What are the actual effect of bad or proper motivation go as an instrument in the encouraging workers productivity in the banking sector.
  2. Do lack of proper motivation brings inefficiency and low productivity?
  3. Does the fringe benefit serve as  an instrument for higher productivity in the banks
  4. Can the training course use as an inventive for high performance of staff leads to higher productivity in banks?

1.5              RESAERCH HYPOTHESIS

In this research work the hypothesis to prove are as followings:


Ho:      Motivation  of bank worker will not ensure high productivity in banking


Hi:       Motivation  of bank worker will ensure high productivity in banking




Ho:      Lack of proper motivation will not brings inefficiency and low


Hi:       Lack of proper motivation will brings inefficiency and low



H0Training course use as an incentive for high performance of staff will

lead to higher performance of staff will lead to higher productivity in banks

H1Training course use as an incentive for high performance of staff will not lead to higher performance of staff will lead to higher productivity in banks


This study is aimed at coming out with a recommendation on best workers productivity in an organization and Union Bank Plc, Okpara Avenue and how it can be improved after careful examination of the nature of incentive the best appeals to employee of labour in this era.

It is helped that this study whom completed will assist banks in their operations and enable them to employ adequate incentive scheme and other motivation variable that would optimize the productivity and performance of their operations.

The study completed will identify the motivation factor and incentive variables if  any that are currently militating again in area of its job performance and productivity that bank find useful for future planning  this work will be of important assistance to the Union Bank Plc or other banks as it will enable them to restructure the aspiration and needs of their workers besides it will be of great important of other organizations or other financial institution since it will expose them to some of the incentives that could motivate workers for higher productivity and other    employers of labour will also find this work very useful would enable performance of worker, it appropriately applied.

This research out to serve as a working tool for these whose interest undulated lie in ensuring on increase productivity and equally help the study who wish to carryout a similar study in his establishment.

1.7              DEFINITION OF TERM

  1. BANKING:   This banking ordinance enacted in 1952 defined banking as the business of receiving form the public on current account money which is to be repayable  on demand by cheque and of making advances to customer
  2. BANK WORKERS:  Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defined bank workers as who own a bank or has an important job at a bank
  3. MOTIVATION: Nwankwo G.O defined motivation  as what direct behavior towards satisfaction of some need.
  4. INCENTIVE:  Oxford advanced learners dictionary defined incentives as something that encourage workers to put extra effort in his/her endeavor.
  5. PERFORMANCE:   Is notable action achievement


This research work is organized in five chapters, for easy understanding, as follows

Chapter one is concern with the introduction, which consist of the (overview, of the study), statement of problem, objectives of the study, research question, significance or the study, research methodology, definition of terms and historical background of the study. Chapter two highlight the theoretical framework on which the study its based, thus the review of related literature. Chapter three deals on the research design and methodology adopted in the study. Chapter four concentrate on the data collection and analysis and presentation of finding.  Chapter five gives summary, conclusion, and recommendations made of the study.



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