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Our Greatest Fear
That the plague of Job befalls us
Seeing the things we dread most engouled us
If we should lose what matters most to us in a flash
That the veil be unveiled to exposed our former nature
Insanity would become an understatement for our nature
A forbidden disaster too dramatic for a strong man to nurture
Our Greatest Fear
From dust we came and from dust we’ll return
Yet even the free things from nature are not totally free
For this pound of muscles we gain came through much sweats and pains
Through persistence flesh cutting to consistence gym romance with pains
Oh! What would become of me if we lose this our sweet good looking curves?
Our Greatest Fear
In the gym we scream NO PAIN! NO GAIN!
They scream increase as more weights is added on each set
We build the veins from inside to burn some weights and fats
Then we pause and pose for some shots to motivate the eyes
The eyes beholds it, love the new shape and caress it to get wet
We imagine our skeleton when we’re gone and tears drops gets our eyes wet
Our Great Fear
Is what I feel as I pen this down
If we should wake up one day as flat men
With no broad chest, no bi-sects arms and tri-sects
Reserve your comments, varieties remains the spice of life
A man dies with whatever he believes in no doubt
And this path we choose has just two solid rules no doubt
The slogan for men with the Greatest Fear of Losing Fitness, Strength and Muscles
Written by: Team ProjectSolutionz