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Study Level: BTech, BSc, BEng, BA, HND, ND or NCE

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1.0     Background of the study

Personal selling consist of individual, personal communication i.e. face to face communication of data from the vendor to prospective client. Personal marketing is person-to-person communication during which the receiver provides immediate feedback to the supply message through words gestures, expressions e.t.c such instant feedback permits the supply to form instant changes in cryptography to adopt message to the receiver i.e if a sales person detects that a prospective customer dislikes the options or the value of a merchandise he or she will stress the {benefits} and benefits of the product’s feature to justify the value or perhaps show the shoppers another merchandise which can be substituted, supplementary or complementary. in contrast to advertising, personal marketing focuses on communication and inspiring exchange and it conjointly give the human bit that’s lacking in advertising. Personal marketing modify marketers to tailor their presentation to suit the requirements, wants, motives and behavior of people, customers to a selected sales approach, personal marketing usually results to specific purchase. The necessity for private marketing will increase with the complexness of merchandise and services for these reasons, manufacturer wish to promote their merchandise and services through personal marketing (Smith, 2014).

Personal selling is seen as a good tool employed by organizations to receive the specified response from its customers and prospects. Effective personal merchandising can embody effective communication. Educating customers cause downside determination, stimulating and or motivating and ultimately soliciting of favourable response. Personal merchandising has become necessary in today’s structure operations thanks to the character of the economy that is changing into extremely competitive. The effective implementation of non-public merchandising could go protracted thanks to assist organizations in achieving their overall sales objectives and goals (Hansen, 2014).

Personal merchandising is solely to form procurement on individual’s basis. Sales person is the link between the merchandising and shopping for system. Today, sales person’s area unit needed to own additional education and technical coaching than their predecessors. Sales folks have several resources at their disposal and area unit higher equipped to develop long run relationship with patrons. They’re backed by a team of specialists, together with market researchers, money specialists and engineers. Salesperson of these days they’re excellent diagnosticians of consumer’s desires and that they are issues consultants UN agency create well thought-about recommendations. They (sale people) area unit reception to all or any aspects of a prospective customers business which will in any method relate to the products and services to be oversubscribed (Warren, 2010).

However, looking at Industrial development and manufacturing in Nigeria, is a classic illustration of however a nation may neglect an important sector through policy inconsistence and distributions attributed to the invention of oil. The close to total neglect of agriculture has denied manufactures and industries their primary supply of raw materials. The absence of regionally sourced inputs has resulted in low industrialization. Today, the Nigerian industries and producing sector account for fewer than ten of Nigerian’s value, with producing capability utilization remaining below thirty fifth for the foremost half for the past decade. Players within the Nigerian industrial and producing sector are classified into four groups; transnational, national, regional and native except the transnational operators, most of the players have disappeared within the last 20 years, because of unpredictable movement policies, lack of basic raw materials most of that are foreign (Achison, 2000). A number of the constraints visage during this sector Include; high interest rates; unpredictable government policies, non-implementation of existing policies, lack of effective regulation agencies, infrastructural inadequacies, merchandising of low-cost product, unfair tariff regime, low patronage and economic process and relief cause challenges to the Nigerian industrial sector (Kumar, 2008). The impact of those world protections, increase concentrate on product quality and increase expenditure on analysis and development. The prospects of producing in Nigeria are bright given the nations emergent democracy, a market size of over one hundred twenty million folks, wealthy mineral and alternative resources size of the West African market still as low-cost and overabundant labour. Developing Nigeria’s industrial sector needs the conjunct efforts of presidency and therefore the personal sector to form associate degree surroundings that will encourage investments, primarily by Nigerians as firm basic for attracting and sustaining foreign investment within the sector a totally developed industrial sector world provides a firm basis for property economic process and development (Leone, 2008).

On the other hand, the most pronounced objectives of most business ventures is profit creating. This objective is achieved once the product and services get to the ultimate users or customers at the proper place right time and right value the explanation is that corporations depend upon the purchasers for the sale of their product. Marketers are not any longer doubtful on whether or not their product square measure required within the market place; however have an interest in knowing the issues that go along with the selling of commercial product (Ndambuki, 2009). The study of issues associated prospects of selling of selling of promoting industrial product permits marketing managers to develop an insight into what lies behind the issues and prospects of promoting industrial product in African nation, additionally knowing the reason behind the issues and solutions square measure necessary corporations in artifact business like Emenite, Aluminum and Ozomac construction corporations etc. need to grasp those issues that go along with selling of commercial product. The pressing would like and task facing the manufacturers and marketers of commercial product are to search out the factors or variables that exert the best downside in selling industrial product (Osuagwu, 2008).

On the flip side, Unilever is a company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing at detergents, soaps, creams, toothpaste, squash drinks, edible oil and fats, tea and coffee. Unilever Nigeria Plc formerly Lever Brother Nigeria Plc RC 113) was established in April 1923 as Lever Brother (West Africa) Limited in 1955. It changed to Lever Brothers Nigeria Plc in 1973 and subsequently to Unilever Nigeria Plc in 2000. Lipton of Nigeria limited was merged with the company on the 31st of July 1985. In compliance with the Nigeria Enterprises promotion act of 1972, forty percent (40%) of the company equity capital was sold to Nigeria citizens and institutions by Unilever (common wealth holding Limited). This percentage was increased to 60% in 1978, spread over 31,000 individuals and institutional Nigerian share-holders. The balance of 40% is currently hold by Unilever (Common Wealth Holdings) Limited (Amor, 2011). The company started with the production of bar soaps using local palm oil, this has now extended to international brands such as Lux, Astral and Asepso soaps.Also produced by Unilever Nigeria Plc are Omo and surf detergents, pepsodent and close-up tooth pastes and tree top squash drinks.Unilever is the oldest surviving manufacturing outfit in Nigeria today. The business as conceived by the founder Lord Lever Iulme, was basically to manufacture soaps over the years, however, it has diversified into the production and marketing of non-soap detergents, food and personal products. Unilever Nigeria Plc is a multi-local and multi-national company. Through selective acquisition and mergers, the company’s range of quality product has broadened with breadth and depth. These include Omo, Lux, fresh Esteem, hair care range, Vaseline, blue band, Breadeen, Royco Lipton Yelow label tea etc  (Akinyele, 2011).

However, a major restructuring of the company was effected early in 1998, for a more effective control and management, the post of chairman and managing director formerly held by an individuals was split, thus, on 1st January 1998, Mr. Felix Ohiwere was appointed chairman and Mr. R.E Clanke become Vice chairman and chief Executive.The company also changed from its individual structure to functional one. Unilever Nigeria Plc now has a functional director of corporate relations, personnel, logistics, finance, marketing and customer services and technical duties (Amor, 2011). The organizational structure, the company now a run makes it slimmer and fitter for the very Nigeria socio-economic operating environment.The company remains a good, responsible and responsive corporate citizen that has the interest of the communities, public and stake-holders very much in their heart.Quality is the company’s watchword and no effort is spared in ensuring every product that comes off the production line is high quality in accordance with international quantity standard. They also embark on sales promotion to market their product. Before now, business Success was built on the ability to move goods and services with speed and accuracy. Today, information has become the fuel that powers business Success .In contemporary Cooperate world, information technology is deployed to gain competitive edge (Akinyele, 2011).

Conversely, the success of any business depends mostly on shopper patronage. For any product or services of a company to be appropriate, it has to be communicated to the buyer. Not with the merchandise or services area unit communicated to shopper, their existence can’t be recognized, and thence patronage might not be complete (Teece, 2007).

However, organization promotes their sensible and repair to the market and to the users of these product and repair. they create use of a range of promotional technique, admire advertising personal mercantilism promotion, of sales promotional such promotional tool is also use by any varieties of organization, whether or not business or non profit creating, to speak to, and persuade a target recipient or potential shoppers that they must avail them suit to the merchandise or service on provide (Pisano, 2007).

Furthermore, A study of selling communication, is thus relevant to differing types of organization, promotional activities area unit enterprise by business firms, trade association, government bodies, instructional establishments, health consultatory councils, political parties charities etc. it’s a vital space of study for the vendor, due to the massive money investment (expenditure) created in promotional activities. The advertising business especially may be a massive and vital sector in any western economy (Shuen, 2007).

More so, sale promotion is one among the foremost vital promotion tools in promoting of fine and services, mutating communicate combine accommodates the topic of selling tools, that area unit primarily communicative in nature. they’re tools unremarkably classify beneath promotion, that is one among the manageable variable (which will known as the promo tools) the promotional variables includes numerous styles of advertising, packaging, sale presentation, sale aids, (catalogues, commercialism stams premiums, free sample coupons) and promotion programme (Rajagopal, 2008).


The current economic scenario has forced most business organisations to sell and operate inside dynamic and competitive surroundings within the modern selling surroundings; it’s forever been a tough task to spot precisely the factors that cause issues in selling industrial product. Most marketers have paid attention to factors that in their own estimation verify because the explanation for the issues while not giving due thought on the way to solve those problems. The rationale is that, selling plans designed for a selected product of trade didn’t attain the specified and targeted result. The essential drawback here is to grasp however these issues have an effect on industrial product within the market place: unorganized selling system, product adulteration, lack of effective selling system, unpredictable government policies, worth instability, and lack of effective regulative agencies, poor management and absence of fine marketing research competition from foreign product supported this, the subsequent analysis queries got to be answered.


  1. What should marketers of industrial products do to reduce unorganized marketing?
  2. Would organized marketing system affect marketing of industrial products?
  3. To what extent would the most suitable distribution channel for industrial products be identify?


The main objective of the study is to evaluate personal selling practices and enhanced sales of industrial products among businesses.

The specific objectives of this study are:

  1. To evaluate how organized marketing system affect marketing of industrial products.
  2. To identify the most suitable distribution channel for industrial products
  3. To establish adequate market research
  4. Establish good marketing information system.
  5. To pin point the role and importance of sales promotion in the marketing of goods and services
  6. To make necessary recommendations, in view of the findings.


In the course of this research, the following hypotheses where were formulated based on the research questions and objectives. The hypotheses were tested in the research work.

  1. Prices of industrial products have significant impact on the marketing of industrial products.
  2. Product preference has strong influence on the marketing of industrial.
  3. Lack of adequate marketing communication hinders effective marketing of industrial product.


Pursuant to the effective implementation of promotional tools full year stipulation modem organizational efforts in achieving some marketing objective, the development of the brand / product and full reviews the other parameters of the marketing mix. With respect, this study aims to shed more light on the marketing of industrial products in Nigeria. The theme of this research is significant for the redesign of the Nigerian economy. The import of industrial products in the country contributes to runaway inflation we are seeing today because it draws us down to the deficit in our economy.


This study is limited to companies in Lagos metropolis. This means that the empirical study covered only the staff of these companies and their distributors. This limited scope is not resist, it is hoped that the conclusion that can generate the study will be useful for both the staff of these companies and students who intend to pursue commercialization as a profession.



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