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You do to me what winters does to the trees

You choose me completely naked and empty

You makes me want to try and harmonize

Like I’ve got no worries for what we meet tomorrow

Like I’ve got no days full of hot tempers like yesterdays

Thinking of what future is left in me

Yet am really not a Saint


I’ve never felt this way blessed

I learnt to love like rhythms braids from strings

Tracing the insecurity of women through the pawns of theirs hands

But with You, the fragrance is different

You were in every single words I wrote

You walk around me like poetry flames

Knocking off every trace of pains

Only a fool won’t accept the nourishment that’s right before their eyes

But would rather starve and die in shame


Somedays I missed the bond of true love

Or maybe I never found true love until right now

I look at you and every time you smile

You reminds me of everything I stole from myself

Every joy I never had the courage to taste

Every fantasies I never had the courage to express


So as you learn to love me as I am

Teach me!

As you learn to forgive me for failing to try

Teach me!!

As you learn to accept strength with empathy

Teach me!!!

You’ve got super powers over me and I cherish that!

Teach me to grow in love with you!

Teach me to Love you!





 I AM A WRITER @www.projectsolutionz.com.ng

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