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| Format: Ms Word | 1-5 Chapters | Table of Content|


Study Level: BTech, BSc, BEng, BA, HND, ND or NCE

Amount: ₦3,000.00

                                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


  1. Background of the Study

1.2       Statement of the Problem

1.3.      The Purpose of the Study

1.4.      The Significance of the Study 

1.5.      Scope of the Study

1.6.      Research Methodology

1.7       Limitation of the Study

1.8.      Definition of Terms


2.1.      Concepts of Leadership.

2.2.      Philosophy of Leadership.

2.3.      Challenges of Leadership.

2.4.      Pattern of Leadership

2.5.      Importance of Leadership

2.6.      Pitfalls of Leaders


3.1.      Biblical Pattern of Leadership.

3.2. Ungodly Leadership In The Bible.

3.3. Types of Leadership In The Bible.

3.4.      Principles of Leadership in the Bible


4.1.      History of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria

  •       Constitution Of Foursquare Gospel Church In Nigeria
    • Organizational Structure Of Foursquare Gospel Church In Nigeria
    • Leadership Pattern in Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria.
    • Challenges Of Leaders In Foursquare Gospel Church In Nigeria
    • The Effects of Leadership Patterns and Growth in foursquare gospel Church in Nigeria.


5.1.      Summary

  •      Conclusion
    • Recommendations





  1. 1 Background of the Study

Generally speaking, leadership is ideal in the tenets of every existing society or organization. This is because leadership is important to human society. A society or an organization without leadership is like sheep without a shepherd and there is bound to be confusion, disorderliness, lawlessness and nothing positive can be achieved. The history of leadership is as old as that of creation. In the Old Testament, God created all other things before creating man, and gave man the power and authority to rule over all other creatures. The first Man, Adam was to rule over his wife and all other things created by God. However, when theson of men began to multiply on the face of the earth, God decided to make leaders from among them. The history of the children of Israel in the Old Testament was characterized by leadership tussle. For instance, there was an evident of leadership tussle between King Saul and David. This was evidently seen after the victory of David over Goliath and the women of Israel began to sing a song in praise of David that he had killed ten thousand and Saul had killed only but a thousand. This song aroused the anger of King Saul over David coupled with the fact that God had already declared his rejection before that time. Thus, he struggled to eliminate David for fear of being overthrown by David but he didn’t succeed. Rather he died in the process and David became king over Israel. More so, leadership tussle was also evident in the life of Adonijah, the son of David over Solomon his brother. While David was still alive, Adonijah wanted to maneuver his way

Leadership is motivating others towards a specified goal for the purpose of making them feel successful. Leadership begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to read. Unselfish leadership refuses to rest on the inherent power of a position and desires to empower and release others for ministry.

Leadership focuses on the needs and growth of the church and of those being lead, not the needs of those who are leading.

The Bible is the only authoritative guide for choosing a good spiritual leader, all the basic principles expected in a leader are found in the Bible and in addition we need to rely upon the Holy Spirit as we strive to follow the Biblical principles. In following the Biblical principle in choosing a leader in Christian setting, much is even expected of such a leader, he is expected to lead like Jesus Christ in humility, servitude, obedience and accountability.

Most Christian leaders are aware of the Principles, values, and methods that have been accepted in the bustling market place of diverse leadership practices and theories.

One must not forget, however that scripture offers a leadership model within the body of Christ. This biblical brand of leadership is uniquely expressed through what is called the servant attitude of the leader the desire to enrich and enhance the lives of those being led through unselfish servant hood. This overarching model of biblical leadership is expressed through an authentic humility that serves others and lead them to become servants as well.

Jesus Christ led His disciples very well throughout His earthly ministry, He had interest in their spiritual and physical wellbeing, He thought them lessons that could be remembered, He knew who would be the rock upon which the church would be built (Matt 16: 17-18).

We are living in a world that is so complex and as a result of this complexity; a leader who is competent and has a service attitude is all the nation needs to thrive. Every nation in the world depends upon a leader who will lead such nation to progress. Equally the church as an organization that has life depends upon good leadership to fulfill the great task ahead of it.

However, despite all the spirituality involved in Christian leadership role and responsibilities, the odds will still surface at a point where no one will expect such to eventually become a tussle amongst the Christians.

Christian leadership differs greatly from secular business or political leadership; the leadership style of the church as an organization must be based on the scripture and be evaluated in terms of accountability to Jesus Christ is the head of the church.

A Christian leader is a person with God given capacity, ability and responsibility to influence God’s people making sure that they achieve God’s purpose. These basically describe a Christian leader as servant, shepherds and stewards. Jesus Christ our living examples of a true servant leader whose ministry transcends beyond quest for power, pride and authority. His ultimate leadership purpose was redemptive.

As a leadership model, servant leadership has crossed many boundrying and has been applied in universities, health care organizations and foundations. The test for Christian leadership is the progressive spiritual health, freedom, and autonomy of these served. Leadership focused on the needs and growth of the church and those being led, not the needs of those who are leading.

Leadership models that are oriented toward power and control continue to be problematic, for the church. Wise church leaders will revisit the teachings of Jesus and other New Testament writers and allow their perspective to bring refreshing insights to the ministry of leading the church. Those who practice leadership discover the overwhelming joy of developing and equipping the diversity that exists within the body of Christ.

One of the major dilemmas the world is facing today is that of a leadership. The problem is not that of human existence, neither is it that people are not always placed in position of authority rather, it is that lack of preparedness or over ambitious of some leaders at this point they neither rule with wisdom or rule with force.

Many people say leaders are born but not made, while some will equally asset that leaders are made but not born.

This project will examine the biblical patterns of church leadership tussle on church growth and its implications for the leadership of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria.

1.2.      The Statement of the Problem

This study will examine the biblical patterns of church leadership tussle and its effects on church growth using Foursquare Gospel in Nigeria as a Case Study.

The researcher will examine the factors that militate against the church leadership sector, their style and relevance to the scripture to the scripture. The problems are what the researcher look at as the statement of problem in this research work. The following areas will be delivered into:-

  1. The types of leadership
  2. Does the style of leadership exercised in Foursquare Gospel Church in agreement with the Biblical patterns.
  3. How the church Foursquare Gospel Church sees leadership.
  4. Does the constitution give enough power to leaders to operate/
  5. Are the criteria observed for Foursquare Gospel Church leadership selection in alignment with scripture
  6. The leadership style of Foursquare Gospel Church in recent time and the church.

1.3.      The Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study was to identify to what extent the leadership approach contribute to a successful growth of the church. The objective was to add to the existing body to the leadership research.

The major determining factor of stability in any organization or institution is the ability of the leader to leave power for a trained follower. Thus the purpose of this study will be.

  1. To examine and look into how the leadership of the church have being practicing leadership in relation to biblical patterns.
  2. To offer suggestions and recommendations that relate to leadership patterns and church growth.
  3. To examine how Foursquare Gospel Church leadership has being using the power or incumbency.
  4. To examine the extent to which leaders in Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria runs the organization from its inception.
  5. To make a call on leadership to speak the truth to those in position of authority (power)
  6. To identify the impacts of leadership patterns in Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria.
    1. Significance Of The Study
  7. This research thesis, hopefully, will bring better understanding on the biblical patterns of church leadership tussle on church growth and its effects for the leadership of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria.
  8. It is intended to help comprehend the biblical patterns of church leadership tussle and its effects.
  9. This work is expected to benefit the leaders in Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria
  10. The research is intended to be a contribution to scholarship on this issue and to the body of Christian literature.

1.5.      Delimitation

This project is concerned with the biblical patterns of church leadership tussle and its effect on the church growth. Foursquare Gospel Church as case study.

1.6.      Research Procedure

The researcher used the Leadership of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria as case study for the work in order to really find out the biblical patterns of church leadership tussle and its effect. The other method of data collection was based on materials from the Library of LIFE Theological Seminary Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria and other Libraries. The research materials used include questions and interviews, dictionary, encyclopedia, bible commentaries, and other on line resources. The review related literature on the topic helped the researcher to know the opinions of scholars who have done some works on similar topic.

  1.  Limitation Of Study

Some difficulties encountered in the course of this study include amongst others are in the area of knowing who should talk to about operational system of leadership structures in the church (Foursquare Gospel Church) whether they are following the right procedures. Nobody wants to be quoted on some issues pertaining to leadership in Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria (FGCN) in most Libraries visited were also another hindrance to the research work.

  1. Definition of Terms


The distinctive qualities of a person or thing


Concept is an abstract idea


A person who guide or lead group of an individual.


A distinct area or part or an organized body.


Not spiritual or religious


Excessively obidunt or respectful


The state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.


The quality of being stable


A manner or way of doing something, which represents a group of people or a group itself.