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Fraud is universally acknowledge as a hidden threat to financial institutions in this country, it has remained a jigsaw puzzle in our commercial banks and other financial institution.  People view it with astonishment considering the divesting effect, uncontrollable increasing trend and magnitude in our business set-ups and this is daily read in our news headlines.  In recent times, the frequency of occurrence of frauds and fraudulent practices in almost all non-banking establishment, companies, hospitals, government establishment, ministries, schools etc is unimaginable.  The sporadic rate of spread in banks and even the Apex bank (CBN) is enough warning signals of imminent doom for the indispensable financial sector of the Nigerian economy.  The one biggest cause is insider abuse.  This ranges from disloyalty and fraudulent activity by staff all the way up to board level.  Based on these, the research paper is a source of examining the cause and prevention of fraudulent practices in Nigeria Commercial Bank: (A Case Study f Union Bank Nigeria Plc). This study is divided into five (5) chapters. Chapter one is the introductory outlines, deals on the concepts of the cause and prevention of fraudulent practices in Nigeria Commercial Bank. Chapter two (Literature Review) is substantially such sectioned into various heading which highlights definitions, classification nature of fraud, cause of frauds, manpower resources and financial losses resulting from frauds, the concern by monetary/regulatory authorities, the government agencies and al embracing methods of detection, prevention and control.  Chapter three discusses all research design while chapter four is to test the hypothesis formulated in chapter one, chapter five were our findings, recommendations and conclusion.


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