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The research study investigated the challenges of media sponsorship on sport development in Nigeria.  To this end, the method used was survey method while questionnaire where administered to the respondents of the study as the instrument of data gathering exercise, the has a great effect in the world of sports. Sports performance and achievement has been the avenue through which great nations of the world exhibit their supremacy over others through sports development strategy. Effective sports development therefore requires variables like sport policy, sport personnel, sports funding sports program, sport facilities and sponsorship. The extent to what these variable are met shall no doubt affects the effectiveness of any sports development. Two organization and its employment for specific socio-political objectives.   It was observed that inadequate media sponsorship and corruption are part of the challenges facing sport development. Therefore, the government should make loud compelling corporate organization to actively participate in sport sponsorship and emulating the sport development policies of the developed countries also create enabling environment for sport development.




Over the years, sports and sporting activities h as been an important instrument in promoting unity among individuals in a state or country and a means of sustaining peaceful coexistence among nations of the world. Because of it role in bringing people together regardless of their ethnic, cultural and religions background (Oloyede, 2003).

Sport has been building mutual understanding and friendship among individuals other, unifying them together to share the same ideology, belief and faith. The composition of team or a group in the sports patriotism among individuals but also show case human talents that are visible and obtained in state or a country (Arani, 1992).

Sport according to oxford dictionary (8th edition) is an activity that you do for pleasure and that needs physical effort or skill usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules.

With its advert as a means of entertainment some years back, sports has opened up some nations like Nigeria to the international scene by joining recognition through wining of largely by her representative in various sporting events (Amuchie, 1999).

The 1998 record set by Nigeria team is a good example in this regard. Nigeria been represented by committed team won, ever since then, Nigeria representatives of various event has been wining laurels for the country thereby relating sport profile in the international science.

Also, Olympic game in atlantic 1996 is another glorious eecord set for the country (Nigeria) when the country won two gold medals as a achievement which makes country name in sport to appear in front in the time of FIFA ranking.

However, sports are a global phenomenon where countries of the world are linked together with the help of mass media.     Because the media is like a vehicle used to convey information to large number of audience simultaneously (Oladimeji, 2002).

Media has been playing important role in sport development world wide by uniting people of different culture, language ethic, religions e.t.c together, people also get to unite at various stands where sports are shown or even read in newspaper or through other means of mass media regardless of where they belong.

Mass Media participation in sports has opened up grand for promotion of goods and services because people emerge together to watch a particular sporting event or activities and sales are made by media and sponsors of goods or services which are believed to be meant for the people watching or reading about a participation programme e.gsport,  football which is the most popular spirit in the world that hve the power to bring different people together to have the same ideology.

With sponsorship role in sport, products are promoted jobs were created and big charges are made in sport events. Sponsorship can be defined as the financial, support or backing up from a sponsors.

According to oxford Dictionary (8th edition)

Media sponsorship over the years has been the major element that have been keeping sports moving in Nigeria.

With sporting activities being promoted, the moral of participant are boosted as some of those organization not only sponsored but showers encomium in cash and gift to present the country thar really performed well in an event e.g the just concluded under 17 world youth championship in south korea which was won by Nigeria, globacom gave each of the player a sum of 2million naira while the president also gave them three bedroom flat with a national title.

Also the challenges of media sponsorship in Nigeria can be over emphasized. Apart for being a catalyst for development through promotion of both natural and physical resources in the country.

Media sponsorship encourages participant of youth in immoral act e.g armed robbery, adultery, cultist e.t.c

In all this research work is aimed at knowing the challenges of mass  media sponsorship on sport development in Nigeria.


It is quite obvious that what sport was in the past cannot be compared with what it is today. Because, sponsorship has contributed immensely to this changes (that is the changes in sport development) and this has actually has drawn the attention of individuals in one way o the other, directly or indirectly to the sport and its purpose to make a positive impact in the life of people.

The problem of this research is basically to find out the challenges of media sponsorship in sport development through the aids of media instrument.

  1. To solve the challenges facing the media in sport sponsorship
  2. To improve the media development in sport sponsorship
  3. To enhance the roles of media sponsorship in sport development.
  4. What are the roles of media sponsorship in sport development?
  5. To what effect does the media contribute to the development of sports?
  6. What are the challenges the media face in sport sponsorship?
  7. To educate and enlighten individuals and organization in private sector on the enormous revenue which can be generated from sporting events.
  8. To enlighten both individuals and organizations on how to use sporting activities to make a good name for their company.
  9. To inform and educate people about the immense benefit that can be derived from sport event.
  10. To know how to make good use of media instrument for the sport events.

This research study will be limited to football enthusiasts in Nigeria and the entire fact finding efforts of the researcher will be based on the respondents selected from the population of the study where as the study will also be based on the information offered.


Media: according to Deflus and Dennis in (2000) media are devices used to move messages across distance to accomplish goals.

According to Yisa O.I defined media as the device use to inform, educate, entertain, interpret, create amusement and mobilize the general public.

Sponsorship: according to D.B Oloyede in his book (Advert in 2003) it can be defined as the financial support or backing up from the group of people or an organization on any sport activities.

According to Oxford Dictionary (6th edition) it is the financial support or backing up from a sponsor.

Challenges: is defined as the problems or obstacles facing someone or an association through the way they think, behaves and plan various activities that will make their work develop.

Sport: is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competively created by (Shally Hancock 2001). The international sports business man issue page 20 in london.

According to (Wikipedia) is a for of usually competitive physical activity or games which through casual or organized participation aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while provide enjoyment to participants and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.



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