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The Impact Of Kaduna States Tourism Board To Tourism Development In Kaduna State

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1.1     Background of the Study

Tourism as an activity is both pervasive and multidisciplinary while the lives and activities it touches are numerous. As tourism endeavours unfold in an area, it creates impacts that are not only positive but also negative such impacts manifest on the environmental, socio-cultural and economic sphere. It has become a big source of financial expansion for several nations, highlighting the service area, facilitating new job opportunities and income resources. As a result of the high trends in tourism participation within the country, The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) is an agency of the Nigerian state, and specifically the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and National Orientation, responsible for the overall development of the country’s tourism which was created The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation was established (Decree 1992).

The National Council on Commerce and Tourism was also created and entrusted with the coordination of the planning and development of tourism. The Minister of Commerce and Tourism chaired the council, in which state commissioners for commerce and tourism, representatives of travel agents, hoteliers and catering associations, tour operators, and various airlines were represented.After the country’s transition to civil government, in 1999, the new Constitution limited the regulatory power of the federal government “to tourist traffic alone. “In 2017, the Nigerian Senate voted to amend the 1992 Act, in renaming the agency as the Nigerian Tourism Development Authority and, among other things, allow it to set up a tour operating company, named National Travel Bureau, that would offer services within and outside Nigeria. The act places the tour operator under “private-sector principles” in the sense that it “shall ensure that the revenue accruing to the Bureau from services provided by the Bureau are not less than sufficient to meet the total cost of providing these services.”

Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of this Nation (Nigeria) and all over the world. The public and private organization are investing in the tourism industry. Nigeria is blessed with tourism features like the lake, sea river, rocks, barbeach, valley, mountains, culture, entertainment etc. just to mention but a few. Development in the tourism sector is inevitable if the nation must continue to enjoy the undiscovered and potential wealth of these scenic beauty (Kraft, 2020).

More also ,in Kaduna state, the Kaduna State Tourism Board(Ministry of
Commerce, Industry and tourism) is responsible for the rapid development of tourism and is tasked with the vision of promoting economic growth, create jobs and generate wealth ; also to position Kaduna State as the preferred tourism destination arid cultural capital in Nigeria offering diverse world class tourism products. The mission of the Kaduna state Tourism board is To formulate and implement policies and programs to attract investment, boost industrialization, increase trade and exports and develop enterprises and engaging with stakeholders to reinvent and reposition Nigerian Tourism for the emergence of an integrated, vibrant, globally competitive, skilled, professional private sector driven industry
through strategic international cooperation, investment promotion and a strong, regulatory and cooperative inter-governmental environment that generates employment. For the Kaduna State Tourism Board massive development impacts to be felt within the state Tourism sector, the Kaduna State Ministry for culture and tourism oversees this function. The impacts of the Kaduna State Tourism Board could be seen and felt in most tourist destinations within the states ranging from; provision of funds, preservation of the rich cultural heritage and sites through public enlightenments and campaigns, organization of seminars to promote sustainable development practices in tourism, removing of barriers in tourism practices and media advertisements to show case the rich cultural heritages in
Kaduna state.

1.2     Statement of Research Problem

Recent reports indicated an increasing market in the tourism industry despite         the fact that tourism stand a chance to contribute to the economic and    Sociocu1tural impact of the state and count in general, much attention as           to regards to the     conservation and preservation of tourism by the Kaduna        State Tourism Board and its allied agency has not fully been justified and           this maybe as a result of the government neglect to tourism both at the state      and Federal level.

The extent of the range seems to depend on demand of availability of facilities for example, provision of basic infrastructure and tourism facilities, Establish effective organs for the planning, development, promotion and marketing of tourism in and outside Kaduna state, Joint ventures with private and public, and Incentives such as tax holidays and soft loans, e.t.c All these mentioned above are the problems or challenges hindering the development of tourism in Kaduna state which equally need to be addressed by the concern bodies for the promotion and the development of tourism in the state

1.3     Objectiveof the Study

The study seeks to access the roles of Kaduna State Tourism board to tourism development in Kaduna State, specifically the study seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To identify the roles played by the Kaduna state Tourism board.
  2. To ascertain the level of tourism awareness in Kaduna state.
  • To examine the impacts of the Kaduna state Tourism board to tourism development in the state.
  1. To identity the problems and solutions hindering tourism participation in Kaduna state.

1.4     Significance of the Study

The study will help create data base for intervention programs that will help promote and Showcase the impacts made by the Kaduna state Tourism board to the development of tourism within the states.

The state Government will find out the effectiveness of the intervention of the Kaduna state Tourism board and its allied agency to tourism development within the state.

To students, tourism stakeholders and researchers, the project will serve as a foundation for future research and literature review for students.

1.5     Scope of the Study

The scope of this research study is to examine the need to Kaduna state           tourism board to tourism development in Kaduna state.

Also ascertain the major problems associated with developingthe Kaduna Statetourism board as it influences tourism development, conservation and preservation in Kaduna state.Furthermore, to look into the facilities that will be required for the        development of tourism in Kaduna State, and as well as the level of tourism awareness in Kaduna state respectively.

  • ResearchQuestions

The research work was guided by the following research questions;

  1. What are the roles played by the Kaduna state Tourism board?
  2. What is the level of tourism awareness in Kaduna state?
  • What are the impacts made by the Kaduna state Tourism board to tourism development?
  1. What are the problems and solutions hindering tourism participation in Kaduna state?



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