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This study is aimed at determining the impact of motivation on employee‟s job performance in an organization. (A case study of
Access Bank Plc). The purpose here is to investigate and identify factors responsible for the current state of affairs and seek to find practical solution for lack of staff motivation and job performance.
The research design is survey research design comprising of opinions, impressions and perceptions of the respondents. The sampling technique was simple random sampling and proportionate stratified random sampling. In sampling opinion to collect data, the questionnaire was used.
In all, a population of 60 staff of Access Bank comprising, top management middle management and junior staff were administered the questionnaire. The questionnaires were administered to them but only 50 responded comprising 28 males and 22 females. Simple percentage and chi-square were used to analyze the data collected and test the hypothesis stated.
The result from the test of the hypothesis indicated that
  •  Commensurate salaries and allowance paid to employee‟s of Access Bank Plc would motivated them toward higher job performance
  • Promotion of employees as at when due will motivate them toward higher job performance.
The researcher recommends that management of Access Bank Plc should try as much as possible to increase satisfaction of the employees who are not satisfied with salaries they are given to increase their inputs in the organization. The effects of this dissatisfaction can hinder the job performance of the organization.
Motivation means so many things to different people. Their impact on the individual depends also on his perception of what he considers to be of value to him and invariably influences his action or non-action.
Motivation can be described as a set of incentives monetary of otherwise, reward and punishment systems which determine or influence staff performance and altitude to work. It is a production of human resource management and its impact goes on a long way in determining the quality and quantity of production and the level of industrial and labour harmony or disharmony in the organization.

Motivation can also be defined as the forces acting on or within a person that cause the arousal, direction, and persistence of goal-directed, voluntary effort.



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