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Bardsly (1982) cited by Nwuzor (2009) view agricultural extension as a service or system which assists farm people through educational procedures in improving farming method and techniques, increasing production efficiency and income, bettering their levels of living and lifting social and educational lives of rural people. It insuresinformation obtained and assembled from research studies based on experience, trail and demonstration for the purpose of extending knowledge to the rural dwellers. The use of farm visit group method and discussion, mass media, posters and audio visual and are very effective means of extending knowledge to the rural populace. Food and agricultural organization (FAO) 1992 view agricultural extension as informal out of school educational services for training and influencing to adopt improved practices in crops and livestock production, management, conservation and marketing. (STAN 1999) defined agricultural extension education is a teaching and learning process in which the farmers are taught better, method farming in order to raise productivity and their standard of living.



Title Page———i




Abstract ———vi

Table of Content——–vii


Chapter One

1.0 Introduction ——-1

1.1 Statement of Problem——4

1.2 Purpose of the Study——5

1.3 Significance of Study——8

1.4 Limitation——–9

1.5 Scope of Study——-11


Chapter Two

2.0 Review of Related Literature —-12

2.6 Summary of Literature Review—- 19


Chapter Three

3.0 Research Methodology and Procedure—22

3.1 Population ——–22

3.2 Sample and Sampling Technique—-22

3.3 Validation of the Instrument —-23

3.4 Reliability of the Instrument —–23

3.5 Data Analysis. 3.5 Data Analysis.——-23


Chapter Four

4.0 Presentation and Discussion of Result—24

4.1 Analysis and interpretaion of Data—25

4.2 Discussion of Results——38


Chapter Five

5.0. Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendation  –40

5.1 Summary——–40

5.2 Conclusion——–41

5.3 Recommendation——42

References ———45

Appendix 1——–47

Appendix ———50


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