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Study Level: BTech, BSc, BEng, BA, HND, ND or NCE

Amount: ₦3,000.00

Industrial manufacturing industry insights and services: PwC



         It is important to note that quality control is an important function.

It is so vital that it helps an organization to have competitive edge over the competitors in the market.

A company can conveniently through quality has effective quality policy out-sales competitors’ product in the market.

When we talk about “quality” the definition most people have in mind is “high quality” which is something describable concept, the word is Item used to mean superior quality, but from purchasing angle the acceptable definition of quality is “totality of feature and characteristics of product or service that bear on its- ability to satisfy a given purpose.

“Quality control” in purchasing angle means regulating manufacturing process in order to maintain the required quality.

The management executive is in an excellent position of their company’s profit that originates in the area of quality. The researcher is interested in the topic, because quality is everybody’s focus in an organization.


         Doyin investment company formal known as the Global Soap and Detergent Industry limited incorporated in October 1984 under the commerce and industry act in 1986 the company is situated along Asa-Dam Road in Ilorin West Local Government in Kwara State and the company specialized in production of soap, extra power flash, clean and wash rite.

In 1985, all the plants were received into the site and the process of installation commence immediately. The commissioning of the industry was done towards the end of the year 1985, the Global Soap and Detergent industry is an affiliate of Doyin Group of Companies” which has it head office at Lagos, the man Doyin himself is an indigene of Kwara state and the name of his home town is “Agbamu” he sited the industry in the state capital so as to reduce unemployment in the state and outside the state.

Some of the materials used in producing are imported materials but  a lot of research is going on as for them to make use of local material and such materials used include the following: blank crop, sodium syndicate etc based on what is written down there is need to look into the organizational structure.

The organizational structure of Global Soap and Detergent can be said a situation where subordinates are responsible to their superior officers. The top on the list is the General Manager and he is the head of the industry and the sole responsibility of the whole operations rests on lam, he gives order on any important issue e.g. may be there is need to purchase capital requirement or if they are to buy large quantity of material involving huge amount of money after the general manager comes the technical manager under the technical manager is engineering and administration, the technical stores, packaging and the clerks.

The production manager also comes under the general manager and the report directly to him, under the production, manager, we have

The raw material stores, followed by purchasing store supervisor, clerks and the cleaners in the raw material store, the component of raw materials kept there are:

  1. STPP (Sodio Tropoli Fops tap)
  2. Sodium syndicate
  3. Glue
  4. Blank cap
  5. Blue dye
  6. Perfume

All these materials are kept in the raw materials store until they are needed, The STPP (SodioTropoli Fopsta (O) is in a separate tank with we provision of tap as they are being dissolved by water, some is passed to the next machine were the operations starts. The sodium syndicate used to neutralize the acid of the detergent during the production Glue, Blank Crop and caustic soda also part of the raw materials used for production of the detergent and during this period the detergent is in white colour, the blue dye white colour to blue and what is how it goes for other soaps and detergent they produce. At the final stage the perfume is mixed and it makes the detergent to give a passive odour.

Also under the General Managers is the quality Control and under him, we have the preliminary design and under the design comes the supervisor, the clerks and security. The quality control manager in collaboration with design and engineering department works on how chemical should be used, the system of packing, packaging, what type of colour that will attract the customers, the dimension and hardness so that it does not get spoilt any how. The quality control manager also hare some link with the production department which have the purchasing under the department and the area of how the right quality or materials purchased for organization.

Another department that comes under the general manager is the finance department, the finance manager report directly to the general manager on the financial aspect of the organization. The financial department receives all relevant documents from store such as Good receive which will note, all the document connected with purchase of materials which will used in preparing the final budget of the organization.

Lastly, we have marketing manager he also comes under the manager and he report directly to him in area of promotion, market research, sales etc. The marketing managers have under him market research internal and it section, sales and administration and clerks most of the decisions taken in the organization comes from the management and information is passed based on superior subordinate.

The organization chart of Global Soap and Detergent industry is shown below



         Quality control system is important in every organization but when there is poor inefficient quality control system, it result into low profit level and growth.      

         Another problem encounter is that there is no proper provision for inspection department; these departments are to be responsible for the inspection of the product and to see that they are set up to the required standard, including the method of ratting vendor for quality.

Scanty of staff in the organization whereby one staff will be entrusted with lot of responsibility and this will lead to poor inspection and the company will be at loss. The researcher will also look into some of the problems and look for ways of solving them.


This research work has been carried out to establish the significant of quality control in industrial establishment with a specific reference w Doyin Investment Company Nigeria Limited.

The primary objectives of this study is to enable the researcher to fulfill one of the basic requirements for the award of National Diploma in purchasing and supply awarded by the purchasing and supply department, institute of Finance and Managements Studies, Kwara State polytechnic, Ilorin.

The project is also aim of exposing the importance of quality control to the attainment of corporate objectives.


The motive behind this research is in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of National Diploma in Purchasing and supply, Institute of Finance and Management studies, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.

The aim of the researcher as far as quality control is concerned is to use this project work to be of greatly contribute to the companies that are concerned with the matter. It is also belief that society at large would find the research useful, the professional purchasing personnel, material management student as well as others. The future researcher would be find useful information in the project.


This research work will look into the following:

Quality control concept, determination of quality, who determines quality, contributions of purchasing to quality control, etc.

As the project will mainly focus on Doyin Investment Nigeria Ltd Ilorin, so it is applicable to every other manufacturing company in the world. It covers the review of literature and textbooks technologies used in the project work.


The limitation and constraints of the study includes the following:

  • Financial Constraints: This is one of the factors that unit the research work. This was done to the fact that the cost of conducting any research nowadays is enormous.  This includes the cost of transportation, cost of paper work, the cost of getting material related to the research work etc.
  • Time: The researcher had to apportion his limited time between academic work and research work. This whole process is demanding the researcher has combined the two and other activities.
  • Respondents:  Here lies the problems of lukewarm attitude of some officials wee were supposed to give reasonable answer were not willing to give it out. Some of the staff felt reluctant to fill the questionnaire given to them
  •  Unwillingness to supply information:  Finally, a difficulty in getting some vital information relating to the research was another problem. Some document were ignored and undisclosed to the researcher.


• Quality: This is the totality of features and characteristics of a product is services that bear on its ability to satisfy a given purpose or needs

• Quality Control: Regulating manufacturing process in order to maintain the required quality. It is also a system for programming and coordinating the effort of the various groups in the organization to maintain or improve quality at economical level which allow for customer satisfaction.

  • Inspection: Is a process of measuring, examining, testing, gaining or otherwise company items with the applicable requirement.
  • Specification: Is a detail description in the requirement to which the service must confirm.

Standardization: The process of reducing the number of verities to a controllable workable minimum.

• Obsolescence: An item is said to be obsolescence when it is going out of use but it is not yet completely unsuitable. • Store: Is a space set aside or reserve, for holding stock waiting for dispatch to where it is needed. It can also be known as an inventory.