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To maximize means to completely expose the true potential of a thing. It means to make the best use of yourself, time and potentials. Maximize also means becoming all you’re capable of, or becoming great as possible. Success in life is determined by how well we manage our time.

Yes! Time is the only common commodity among humans, as every living being makes use of time.

The fact is we all have the exact amount of time at our disposal daily, but the crucial point is that we become whatever we exchange our time for at the end of our life span.

This is why some are richer, educated, intelligent and highly ranked than some of us. Because we are a product of whatever we used our time for.

You are exactly today what you spent your time on yesterday, and you will be tomorrow what you invested your time on today. For instance, you spend 8 hours on movies daily, multiply that by 365 days and see the outcome of your life in 5 years?

This therefore affirms that we are exactly what we use our time for. Therefore, we are the sum total of what we’ve done with our time.

“The difference between the Rich and the Poor or Middle class is what they all do with their time, be it leisure, spare or resting time”.

Yes! Because some wise people still make money during their leisure time online, by advertising their business, skills and services.

Therefore, to be successful you don’t need to be smart but to be wise in your consumption of time. It’s termed “Time Management “.

If you think you can get it done, then that’s Confidence. But if you do it practically then it’s Competence.

Doing what you are confident of doing is maximizing your Potentials. It is often said that if you can’t figure out your destiny, then follow your Passion and it will lead you to your destiny.

If you don’t fully understand what life is, then you will surely not understand how to live it.

Life is a gift from God given to men to fulfill purpose. But once the purpose of life is not known by a man, then abuse is inevitable. In other words life wasn’t given to you to waste it all by yourself, but to add value and make meaning to others lives as well.

Remember the world only makes room for a youth with purpose, and the starting point of all accomplishments is desire. If only you can think it, you can get it done and once it is done you surely maximize your potentials.

Therefore to maximize your potentials, you need to reach the end of yourself. Emptying all the good qualities in you out and impact your world.

You were not born to pay bills alone, you can also be paid bills if you’re wise!

Maximize your Potentials to the fullest before your departure, because you’ll be remembered for the books you wrote, the movies you acted, the songs you sang, the famous clubs you played and the legacies you left behind.

Be Wise with what you do with your time!


Emmanuel Samuel is a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering

From Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), with passion for writing/motivational speaking.