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Keep Moving

They keep asking how we keep moving

Let’s say we have to prove we are alive

Or would they also ask the Earth why it spin?

Or maybe question the direction of the Wind?

Wherever the rythms of life toast us we’ll go

Yes! Who are we to go against the Wind?

Our founding fathers never did, why should we

We’ll just keep moving forward till we pass their reach.

Somedays we act like a crawling cloud

Other days we’re like sprinkling shower

Somedays our movement is as fast as a river

Breaking into thick forest just to clear our path

We hit on rocks, snow, bends, we fall and rise

We shrink as we spring in winter and summer

We struggle like ants gathering food at summer

Better not question our movement nor struggle

For if we knew our fate as Mortals

We would have preferred immortality to this dusty flesh

Moving Forward

Some says we’re dancing behind time

But let it be told that we didn’t stop

Just like a perfect dancer we won’t stop

So they stopped our music but we didn’t stop

Truly we mastered the songs inside our heart

As long as live with our still breathing hearts

We will keep moving till we rewrite our stories

Whatsoever they did to us in time past

We’ll ignore with the hope of moving Forward

For our movement is like religion to us.

Alas! We are the soaking Ravens

Call us the soon rising tides

For our waves filled up their boiling bowl

Please let those wringling worms bow

For this is our predestined rushhour

Yes! This is our unimaginable changing time

We’ve turned to roaring beast at day time

For we’re the Now, the Future and the System

Watch them with their judgement terms

Be at peace for We will keep moving Forward!

Dedicated To Those Who Refuse To give Up!

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