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This study was undertaken to ascertain why small business enterprise survive in a security challenged environment using Jos and environs as case study. Various attempts were made to show the impact and establish the relationship between small business enterprise and growth and development of the country as a whole. Related literatures were reviewed so as to give clear understanding of the subject under study. The hypothesis under the research shows that a security challenged environment may have an impact on small business enterprise taking cognizance of the scope as well as the limitations of the study. The use of secondary sources was adopted for data collection and analysis used in the study including the sample size. Finally, on the basis of the findings, various recommendations were made for further research study.







In the past few decades, there has been a shift in approach to improvement of economic growth by every country. For instance, Nigeria for long time, so depended on its natural resources, that oil became a center of controversy. Today new trends have emerged. The most revered countries in the world are no longer those that were respected became of natural resources like oil. Countries with greatness and prospects of greatness are the ones propelled by people who use their minds. Those who trade ideas and products of ideas, people who constitute the wealthiest people in the world today like Bill Gates who started his business very small and eventually became a positive force in the economy of his country.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for managers of Nigeria’s economy to increase attention to small business enterprise and re-emphasize their importance to national economic development by improving conducive environment for the creation of new ones and furthering the strength of existing ones (Ejiofor, 2008).

There is no doubt, security challenged environment is a threat to the growth of small business. The contributions of small business to the growth of the economy cannot be re-emphasized as small business despite the security challenged environment play an important role which may include employment generation. Nevertheless, small business contributes more than what people assumed because they have through the interaction of powerful forces emerged as an important agent of economic and social transformation. (Hatak, 2006).


The primary purpose of this research is to ascertain reasons why small business enterprise survive in a security challenged environment using small business within Jos and environs.

Some problems involvedin the study includes financial problem, lack of infrastructural facilities, government unfavorable fiscal policy and policy inconsistencies especially in a security challenged environment.


1ST Objective: The primary objective of this study is to point out the factors and reasons why small business enterprise survives in a security challenged environment.

2nd Objective:To encourage the citizens on embanking on small business as a way to lead to economic growth in the country.

3rd Objective: To also recommend ways in which small business enterprise can survive in a security challenged environment.


HO: A security challenged environment may not have an impact on small business enterprises.

HI: A security challenged environment may have an impact on small business enterprises.


1ST Assumption: It is assumed that Jos Plateau State is a security challenged environment and have small business enterprises.

2nd Assumption: It is assumed that small scale business plays an important role in employment generation.

3rd Assumption: It is also assumed that Jos, Plateau State is conducive for carrying out small business enterprises.


This study will focus on reasons why small business enterprise survive in a security challenged environment using Jos and environs as a case study.

The research will determine the hypothesis that security challenged environment may have an impact in small business enterprises.

The study will be centered on the registered small business enterprise in Jos Plateau State in other to ascertain reasons why they survive despite the security challenges.

The study will not involve other areas of the economy which small business enterprises could be positive advantage.

For the interest of this study centered on small business enterprises, it may not include business sector even though it may impact the economy in terms of trade and commerce.


The study will be hopefully significant in several ways being that the small business enterprises are seen as an instrument that can be used to generate sustainable development in the economy.

Therefore, the study will be significant to various users such as entrepreneurs, students, individuals, organizations and the society at large which will perform the following functions.

  • It will broaden the knowledge of researcher and those who want to undertake research on small business enterprise in the economy.
  • It will enable the researcher and those concerns to know the impact of small business enterprise as regard growth and development in the economy.
  • It will enable the citizens to appreciate the activities of Plateau State Government towards developing the state.
  • It will also hold entrepreneurs to know and use their capital, and potential effectively and efficiently.
  • Finally, it will sever as a kind of insight to the people/persons trying to establish business despite it security challenges.
  1. ENTERPRISE: This is an important project or business especially a new one established with sole aim of making profit (Smith, 2002).
  2. SECURITY: This means safety from attack, harm or damage (Dianna, 2001).
  • CHALLENGING: This means difficult to deal with or achieve but interesting when achieved (Scrol, 2006).
  1. ENVIRONMENT: This means the place in which people live and including all physical conditions that affect them.
  2. SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE: This is a business that is actively manage by it owners, highly personalized, largely local in it area of operation and relatively small size within an industry largely dependent on its growth (Clifford, 1983)











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