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Don’t Wake Me Up!

Winning your heart was never a competition
It came like a whirl fire driven by passion
Even if i had to compete with nations
I would i’ve emerged the winner cus my feelings had no factions

You’re just too beautiful to be ignored
A stroll with you remains a double honor
Beings like you made the Angel denounce heaven
And time immeasurable you’ve been my safe heaven

Am moved to sing lullaby to you while you’re sleeping
Or pee in my trousers when you’re smiling
Yes, one thing must kill a man
Yet, your beauty has finished men

I survived the radiation of your beauty the day you said yes to me
Am constantly intoxicated by your fragrance
Undoubtedly believing your lies to me
To question you is challenging the essence of my existence
Before and after you there will never be another you

If Am Dreaming Please don’t wake me up!


Emmanuel Samuel

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