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Language is learned and shred, it is an arbitrary system of vocal symbols through which human beings in the same speech community interact, thereby communicate. Errors in communication can be inhibitions towards effective communication and decoding of messages. This research sets out to carry out an error analysis on some selected Yoruba films subtitled in English. Errors were lifted from four Yoruba films subtitled in English and were numbered as attested in each film. Error analysis was then carried out on them. i.e the errors were identified, classified into their types, explain why such errors were made and corrections were proffered where  necessary. The research found out that the major causes of these errors were inter-lingual and intra-lingual transfer. The research also found out that errors can cause a break-down in communication in Yoruba films to non-Yoruba viewers and in general. From these findings, the research project submitted that some of the errors that occur in Yoruba film subtitled in English are capable of causing inhibitions in the proper understanding of the message embedded in these Yoruba films to non-Yoruba viewers.



Title page                                                                                                       i

Certificate                                                                                                      ii

Dedication                                                                                                      iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                         iv

Abstract                                                                                                         v

Table of content                                                                                            vi

Chapter one: General introduction

  • Background to the study 1
  • Purpose of the study 3
  • Scope of the study             4
  • Justification 4
  • Methodology 5

Chapter two: literature Review

2.0 Introduction                                                                                             6

2.1 Lexis                                                                                                         6

2.2 Syntax                                                                                                      7

2.3 The two types of relationship in a sentence                                          9

2.4 Sentence and it types                                                                               10

2.5 Semantics                                                                                                 12

2.6 Errors                                                                                                       15

2.6.1 Error Analysis                                                                                      16

2.6.2 Description of errors                                                                            19

2.6.3 Sources of errors                                                                                  19

2.6.4 Inter-lingual errors                                                                              21

2.6.5 Intra-lingual errors                                                                              21

2.7 Types of errors                                                                                        22

2.8 Yoruba films in Nigeria                                                                          24

Chapter Three: Data Presentation

3.0 Introduction                                                                                             25

3.1 Types of Errors and examples of errors in film one                            28

3.2 Types of errors and examples of errors in films two                           38

Chapter four: summary, Findings and conclusions

4.1 Summary                                                                                                 57

4.2 Findings                                                                                                   58

4.3 Conclusion                                                                                               59





Syntax is a technical name of the branch of linguistics is concerned with the ways which words can be combined together to form phrases and sentences. It deals with the principles that determine the ways in which we can and cannot combine words together to form phrases and sentences.

Lexicon is derived from the word “Lexicon” which means words. Lexicon-syntactic is a term that could be divided into Lexicon and Syntax. In other words, Lexicon-Syntactic is a term that means words and how they (the words) come together to form phrases and sentences.

1.2       ERRORS

Errors   are demonstrations of incompetence, people often take errors and mistakes to mean the same phenomenon, but mistakes are different from errors. Mistakes have to do with slips and other sights which the person making one can correct on his/her own if looked at again.

1.3.       YORUBA FILMS

Yoruba films also known as Yoruba home videos have been in existence for many decades in Nigeria. The Yoruba language, with over 25 million speakers, is one of the three major languages in Nigeria. It is spoken in the Western part of Nigeria. The language has different ethnicity in different Yoruba speaking communities.

Yoruba films serve and are indeed detaining to not just Yoruba speakers alone but to others from different cultures in genera (i.e. Yoruba films not just  entertain, they also educate as a lot relating to our lives and the society at large in terms of socio cultural, religion, economy, gender etc can be learnt form these Yoruba films. They also portray the rich Yoruba culture which viewers can learn and benefit from.

Films according to advanced learners’ dictionary area series of moving pictures, usually shown in a cinema or on television and often telling a story.


The research intends to carry out an error analysis some of the Errors made in some selected Yoruba films subtitled in English the research will do the following.

  1. Identity the errors
  2. Classify these errors into their types.
  • Explain why these errors are made.
  1. Treat the errors i.e. proper the corrections to those errors.



This reproach work titled a Lexicon-syntactic Analysis aims at identifying, classifying, explaining and then treating these errors identified. This research will only be limited to the sentences only.


This research work is embarked on because of the researcher’s interest in making corrections to some of these errors encountered while watching some of these Yoruba films. These research work will also explain why some of these errors are made thereby making viewers of these films understand why some of these errors are made. The research will also serve an a guideline to students who endeavour to carry out researches related to the topic in the future.


In carrying out an error analysis for this project work, the data that will be used are four selected Yoruba films subtitled in English. Sentences perceived to be errors will be lifted while watching the films. Then, the erromous sentences lifted in each film will be numbered, error analysis would be carried out on each of the sentences, i.e. the errors would be identified, described into their types, explained or explanation would be given for occurrence of such errors and the correct sentences would be preferred.

The chapter has done a little introduction and background to the variables constituting the research topic. It has also stated the purpose, scope, justification and the methods of the research project. Next we move to the next chapter which is the review of literature of the research work.