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Love seems easy to begin
Yet so hard to start over
Am so so crazy
Acting crazy every night
Am helpless with no one to save me
I watch my day bleed
And my nights slipped
Yet you’re not here to pull me up
Why then do I still get distracted by you
I think am getting used to being someone you loved

I’ve lost focus watching your eyes
I let my god down with an open eyes
Carelessly falling into your arms
I guess I need more than a grip
You often believed in mental healing
But you’re far off to get me through this
Its not easy courting your shadows
But I still wish you could reside in my heart
Cus I was used to being someone you loved

Am slowly falling this time
I perceived there’s no one to save me
Can someone help me pull this robe
Help me end this misery quick
Or show me how to love you
Cus I really want to love You
Yes! We disagree but none is perfect like You
I loved you yesterday, today and everyday
For I feel better being someone you loved

And am used to being someone you loved!



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