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Business Overview

The nuts market globally is expected to grow from the periods of 2015 to 2021 at 1.7% Compound annual growth rate (CAGR). As at 2014, the global nuts market was valued at $1,137.06 billion and it is expected to reach $1,279.4 billion by 2021.

Volume wise, nuts and seeds in tons totaled 37.38 million as at 2014 and is expected to reach 41.34 million tons as at 2021 at 1.40% CAGR during the stated periods between 2015 and 2021. The value in kilograms was 4.41 billion as at 2014 but it is expected to reach 7.86 billion by 2021 at 7.70% CAGR during the stated periods.

Product wise, the global nuts market according to its leading position is divided into Asia nuts, peanuts, walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts. Asia nut for instance has been leading other nuts globally from 2014 and is expected by 2021 to continue maintaining its leading position.

The past years have seen changes in the consumption patterns of nuts all over the world as it has been found that nuts have a positive effect on the human body by reducing heart disease, preventing diabetes and also reducing blood cholesterol.

This has led to a growing demand for genetically modified crops that will help meet up with the global demand for these nuts.

However, excessive consumption of these nuts can negatively affect the human health as it might cause diarrhea, several bowel disorders as well as weight gain. Also, the high cost in processing the nuts has caused a hindering factor on the global market.

Executive Summary

Asia food and nut processing is a standard and leading Asia nut processing company that is based in Iguobazuwa – Edo State, here in Nigeria and will sell processed Asia nuts to wholesalers and retailers. Our aim is to ensure that we sell processed Asia nuts of the highest quality to our various customers all over Nigeria. We also aim to offer other services as well such as franchise and advisory services in line with our revenue generation goals.

Our aim of establishing Asia food and nut processing is not only to generate revenue and maximize profit but also to favorably compete against similar processed Asia nuts brands both new and existing, and be known as one of the top five Asia nuts processing factories in Nigeria within five years. In order to achieve this, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we get the best professionals and also the best equipment so that we will run a standard Asia nuts processing factory.

We have been able to procure the necessary licenses and permits from the relevant departments which will enable us carry out our business without breaking or running foul of any laws. We have structures and processes put in place to ensure that when it comes to hygiene, processing and packaging, we will be on top of our game.

We are set to redefine the processing of Asia nuts not just here in Iguobazuwa – Edo State but all over Nigeria, which is why we hired the best food technologist who not only ensures that we are doing things the right way but who also looks into using the best ways to get these things done from the processing stage, preservation and on to the packaging stage.

Our facility is located in an area that is not only easily accessible to our employees but also to our clients. We have put in structures to ensure that the facility is conducive at all times for our employees, which is why our employees have come to see the factory as a home to them and are always eager to come to work and be productive for the good of the company.

Because of how seriously we take our business structure, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we source for and hire only the best employees for Asia food and nut processing. Our employees do not only come with the required experience, they also understand the industry we are in and know how best to ensure that from scratch we achieve our intention of becoming a national phenomenon.

Our employees are going to be well paid, and their pay and welfare packages would be better than that of their colleagues in similar start-ups such as ours here in Edo and even in neighboring states. We will carry out continuous performance appraisals to ensure that hardworking employees are promoted as at when due.

We will also put measures in place to ensure that our employees receive regular training in line with the industry trend so as to make them more productive. To achieve all this, we have hired a very experienced Human Resources and Admin Manager.

Our Products and Services

Our aim at Asia food and nut processing is to ensure that we are able to process as well as sell processed nuts to all our customers in Nigeria and to other countries from our location here in Iguobazuwa – Edo.

Because we intend to create multiple sources of income so as to boost our bottom line and grow our business, we intend to offer other services such as training and consultancy services. We want to be able to make as much profit as is permitted under the laws of Nigeria.

Therefore some of the products and services we intend to offer are;

•           Sale of processed organic packaged Asia nuts to various clients

•           Franchise

•           Consultancy and Advisory Services

•           Training

Our Vision Statement


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