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 The objective of this study was to investigate the Impact of freelance presenters on broadcast media focusing on freelance presenters at th Uniq F.M, Ilesha, Osun State. Independent presenters have a big impact on broadcast media stations’ success, and depending on their skill and experience, they can help a radio station successfully compete with rival radio stations. On the other hand, the station will suffer its consequences if the opposite is true. Without a question, freelancers play a crucial role in today’s broadcast media operation. System Theory provided the necessary framework for our investigation. A questionnaire and the survey research method were used as a data collecting tool to get answers from the respondents who were specifically chosen. Tables were equally used to exhibit the data after they had been examined using the frequency and percentage methods. According to the report, over thirty percent of participants concur that one of the primary impacts of independent presenters on Uniq FM, Ilesha, is their utilisation of vacant airtime. While 44.4% of respondents stated that the impact is financial for broadcast media, others stated that it has drawn in new listeners. The broadcast station should really schedule seminars and retraining for its independent and in-house broadcasters.



1.1       Background to the Study    

A freelance presenter is an independent media personality who purchases airtime from media companies to exhibit their program ideas. This airtime can be either live or recorded. The duties of freelance presenters are typically the same as those of other presenters. Similar to this, Crown F.M. and other private broadcasting companies make money by selling airtime to independent presenters. This allows the station to remain viable. Whether they work in music or speech-based radio or television, presenters are the face of a station or show. In addition to developing a rapport with listeners, they are in charge of setting the tone and fashion of radio production (Trewin, 2001). In addition, they could have to deliver content for associated websites or other mobile platforms in addition to performing a variety of other production chores. According to Trewin (2001), the precise duties assigned to presenters vary greatly according on the show or network. Radio presenters typically work in small teams, while some have the opportunity to work with considerably bigger program units. Although they may occasionally work on location presenting outside broadcasts, their primary locations are offices and recording studios.

The majority of presenters work for themselves, hiring stations on a fixed-term contract and purchasing airtime to broadcast their own original content. And we refer to this kind of presenter as a freelancer. Music radio presenters work for a variety of stations and shows, appealing to a wide range of musical preferences. Speech radio hosts work in a variety of genres, including comedy, light entertainment, documentaries, and topical conversation shows. The hours that people work can vary greatly; they can include working weekends or holidays, as well as early mornings, late nights, and overnights. Presenters may be required to travel to various areas in order to carry out their duties.

Presenters are expected to know the format and goal of their station or program, as well as the traits of their target audience and the subject matter of the product they provide, no matter where they work.

Radio presenters may present live or recorded shows, scripted and unscripted. They can be required to generate original ideas; carry out research; write scripts and links; work from a brief supplied by other members of a production team; conduct interviews with contributors in a studio or over the phone; handle debates or phone-ins; and host live events. They must work within production requirements and observe the disciplines of the production process, particularly those regarding timings.

They are expected to understand and comply with media law, regulation and industry codes. They work closely with other members of a production team and may be expected to take direction from a producer or editor. Radio presenters are expected to review their own output and to seek and accept feedback on their performance. They are also expected to monitor listener feedback, and contribute to responses to comments, or programme complaints

Radio presenters should be able to operate various radio studios, and to record audio both in studios and on location. They may be also be required to edit audio material using suitable computer editing software. Some Radio Presenters may be required to write material for websites, blogs or other platforms, and to prepare visual images and video footage, as well as audio material, for online use. To this end, the researcher will evaluate the impact of freelance presenter on broadcast media using a case study of Unique F.M, Ilesha.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

One of the major problems of this study is the issue of credibility of the so call independent presenters in terms of education and knowledge of public presentation. How has freelance presenters are able to assist the media to generate enough contents to fill the air space since broadcast industry need lots of programme that can be used to fill its air and one of the ways to do it is by allowing private individuals called freelance presenter to come in. Therefore, this study will focus on the impact of freelance presenters on broadcast media using Unique F.M, Ilesha as a case study.          

1.3       Objectives of the Study

  1. To study the impacts of freelance presenters on Unique F.M, Ilesha
  2. To study some of the challenges facing freelance presenters in broadcast media.

1.4       Research Questions

  1. To what extent has freelance presenters impacted on Unique F.M, Ilesha?
  2. To what extent are freelance presenters facing challenges in broadcast media?

1.5    Significance of the Study

This study will allow media houses know how to blend freelance presenters into broadcast system. And design ways to educate and enlighten independent presenter.

Therefore, the findings of this research served as a good literature for both scholars and students of mass communication, journalism and other media related students and practitioners who might want to carry out similar or related research in the future.

Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria also learn lots from this research as it will enable independent presenters to know how they can play their game.    

1.6       Scope of the Study

The scope of the study has been limited to Unique F.M, Ilesha, due to time factor, all media houses cannot be study in all and that is while is narrowed to Unique F.M, Ilesha. Also, demographic factor of the staff and management of  will be examined such as age, gender, educational background, before the administration of the research tool.




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