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Office Communication Skills And Organization Performance In The Banking Industry In Rivers State

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This study was carried out on office communication skills and organization performance in the banking industry using First Bank Plc. Rivers State as case study. To achieve this, three significant research objectives were formulated. The survey design was adopted and the simple random sampling techniques were employed in this study. The population size comprise of staff of First Bank Plc. Rivers State. In determining the sample size, the researcher conveniently selected 119 respondents while 110 were received and 100 were validated. Self-constructed and validated questionnaire was used for data collection. The collected and validated questionnaires were analyzed using frequency tables and percentage, and mean and standard deviation. The result of the findings reveals that effective communication have a significant impact on organizational performance. The findings also revealed that there are variety of communication techniques that enhances workers performance in an organization, among which include; good listening ability, nonverbal communication, friendliness, clarity and concision, open-mindedness, respect, empathy, and positive body language. Furthermore, the study showed that he factors which affects effective communication in an organization are; cultural diversity, misunderstanding of message, emotional differences, educational and intellectual differences, among others. In regard to the findings, the study recommends that for effective and efficient organizational performance, management must embrace; more clarity of ideas before communicating; better understanding of the physical and human environment when communicating; purpose of communication must be thoroughly analyzed.



1.1 Background Of The Study

All human interactions are form of communication. In business organization, nothing can be achieved without effectively communicating with employers, employees, clients, suppliers, and customers.

Business all over the world today is very challenging. To stay profitable in the highly challenging and competitive global market economy all factors at production (i.e men, machine and materials), should be wisely managed. Among the factors of production, human resource constitutes the biggest challenge because unlike inputs, employee management demands skillful handling of thoughts, feelings and emotions to secure highest productivity. Effective office communication plays an important role in this challenge. Communication has crucial impacts among work groups in that office communication is a channel to flow of information, resources, and even policies. According to Eunju Phd (2009), office communication can be broadly defined as communication with one another in the context of an organization. This type of communication, in turn, includes activities of sending and receiving message through various layers of authority, using various message systems and discussing topics of interest among departmental groups. However, the effectiveness of this form of communication is engineered by its clarity and influence.

Several studies has emphasized that effective communication can enhance organizational outcomes (Garnelt, Marlowe, & Pandey, 2008; Pandey & Garnelt, 2006). effective communication influence on the perception and opinions about persons, communities, organizations, governments, and even society. As a managerial tool, communication is frequently expected to share information with members, to coordinate activities, to reduce unnecessary managerial burdens and, rules and ultimately to improve organizational performance. (Eunju Phd, 2009).

In organizations, the art of communication cannot be overemphasized; it is the means by which people interact, understand and work with one another. Its represents the bloodstream of organization. This means that nothing can be achieved in an organization without effective communication. Communication skills are important in all human endavours, including business. Even though communication skills are so important to success in the workplace, there are many individuals who find that there is a limit to their communication skills and that they seen to have reached a stumbling block in their progress. This study is therefore focused on office communication skills and its impact on organizational performance.


1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Effective communication helps to drive organizational change and success. It ensures improved delivery to customers and smooth workflow among workers. However, many industrial disputes originate due to failure in communication. Hence it is important to stress that in communication, emotions, environment, psychological and technical characteristics of the medium is relevance to enhance the organizational performance. In the view of Okoye (2004), psychologically transmission goes beyond reception of information but understanding and feedback. According to Chudi (2013), In spite of the laudable roles of effective communication in improving organizational performances, it is regrettable that some faculties pay lip service to the maintenance of effective communication systems. The ultimate goal of effective office communication is to facilitate a change in behavior to achieve management objectives(World Bank, 2001). Communication is both a symptom and a cause of organization performance problems. Poorly designed organizations, ineffective processes, bureaucratic systems, unaligned rewards, unclear customer/partner focus, fuzzy visions, values, and purpose, unskilled team leaders and members, cluttered goals and priorities, low trust levels, and weak measurements and feedback loops all cause communication problems, and directly affects organization performance.


1.3 Objective Of The Study

The general aim of this study is to examine the impact of office communication on organizational performance. To achieve this, the study will specifically;

1.        Ascertain if effective communication have any significant impact on organizational performance.

2.        Examine the communication techniques that enhances workers performance in an organization.

3.        Identify the factors that affect effective communication in an organization.

1.4 Research Question

This study will be guided by the following questions;

1. Does effective communication have any significant impact on organizational performance?

2. What are the communication techniques that enhances workers performance in an organization?

3. What are the factors that affects effective communication in an organization?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The study is potentially beneficial in a number of ways. The findings will;

1. Provide information to the stakeholders of organizatios on the communication needs, problems, possible solutions and the effects of communication on organizational performance.

2. Add to the general body o f existing knowledge in the area of communication.

3. Provide information that would enable the management to provide favourable communication atmosphere necessary for vibrant growth.

4. Help nurture understanding between the senior and junior staff.

5. Help control any situation through engaging in suitable communication.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The study is set to examine office communication skills and organization performance in the banking industry. The study will further ascertain if effective communication have any significant impact on organizational performance, examine the communication techniques that enhances workers performance in an organization, and identify the factors that affect effective communication in an organization. The study will be carried out in five First Bank branch in Rivers State. Thus, the participants for this study will be obtained from the staff of the selected branches.

1.7 Limitation Of The Study

In the course of carrying out this study, the researcher experienced some constraints, which included time constraints, financial constraints, language barriers, and the attitude of the respondents. However, the researcher were able to manage these just to ensure the success of this study.

1.8 Definition of Terms

Communication is the process by which information is transferred from the sender to the receiver, resulting to a receiver acting or responding to the information appropriately.

Effective communication: This is the sending of the right information which will be correctively received and well understood by both the party that sends it and the party that receives it.

Organizational performance: Organizational performance consists of the actual output or results of an organization as measured against its intended outputs (or goals and objectives).



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