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1.1 Background of the Study

Performance appraisal is the right time to set new goals and objectives for the employees. Strength and weakness are identified so that the employee knows areas to improve upon. Employee appraisal systems help managers evaluate employee’s job performance and develop a fair system of pay increases and promotions. Appraisal in turn can help staff members improve performance, and assist companies in devising or reorganizing job functions to better fit the position of the employee.  Effective employee appraisal system incorporate goals to help improve the employers as well as the employee, through the application of appropriate and timely feedback and training (Hunter 197).

It is true that most performance appraisal systems can be done under bias and partiality, but we must state that performance appraisal in its strictest sense is an exercise intended to get the best out if both the employee and employer. However, to every performance appraisal system, there is a goal or objective world it may be intended to achieve some sense of fidelity, trust and accountability. To the education sector it may be conducted to instill discipline, hard work and commitment amongst the teachers and other staff (Inyang 271).

This is applicable to pastor’s performance appraisal in United Evangelical Church in which there is high level of interest in the growth of the church, the implementation of pastoral performance appraisal is in line with the direction that the community must move towards and  its influence to the growth of the church is unquestionable.

We further discover that the pastor performance appraisal is seen in the Bible based on the foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ. This was found in one of the in one of the parables told by Jesus in Luke 19:11-27 about the parable of the ten pounds in which we see the

servants/labourers given different resources or works to be done after which an appraisal was carried out by their masters. We understand that right from on set there has been biblical support to seasonal appraisal of workers to ensure consistency, effectiveness, efficiency and improvement.

Hence, the pastor as a spiritual leader must therefore not be left to assume supremacy; as this would lead to abuse of power and negligent to duty. The pastor through this appraisal is compelled to be responsible and accountable, which usually boost their senses of administration and management.

Inyang in his opinion suggests that performance appraisal helps the church administration to be better and stronger than that of secular management. He explains that as a Pastor who is empowered, he should teach sound principles and through it enlighten his followers and instruct them to be devoted to our Lord (175).

The pastor as a leader commissioned by our Lord should not rely too much in the worldly methods, but depends mostly on the ways of our Lord … These days, in organization, the results and the performance appraisals are closely connected. In reality, depending on the performance appraisal of the directors and manager, the outcome of the organization can change drastically. It can be clearly stated that the astonishing growth of the United Evangelical church can be related to its Pastors’ performance and also the growth challenge in some congregation of United Evangelical Church can be linked to the pastor performance.

Since 1887, Untied Evangelical Church (Founded as Qua Iboe Church) opened the door of the Gospel, it is obvious that they have accomplished revival and growth both in qualitative and quantitative in the different church congregations. United Evangelical church Uyo Superintendency is growing at breath taking rate. According to Rev. Umoren Uyo superintendency was started with eight local churches with Rev. Umana Ossoh as the secretary and Rev. F. W. Umoren as superintendency Pastor but now, Uyo superintendency    has increased to 30 Local churches. At the back of this tremendous growth, there were dedicated and committed pastors.

The pastors in United Evangelical church, Uyo Superintendency reform, grow and even challenge society, taking one step forward. God chose pastors according to Usoro, and led them spiritually to lead the churches and society for the time of difficulties and suffering.

The performance appraisals of pastor’s in Uyo Superintendency is from yet another new perspective as the church evangelism passes the centennial mark and approaches its second century. Moreover starting from a small denomination, the present is the better future in relationship with the pastor’s performance.

Guder inform that, in the new generation, pastor’s performance appraisal is necessary to ascertain the contribution of the pastor in the exposure growth of the church. “The theology of church growth” according to him interprets the growth of the church from the point of our Lord’s providence and plan. Some of the first reference in the growth of the church can be found in our Lord’s provision of clothing and duties to Adam (Gen. 2:3; 27-49). “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over everything that moves on the earth.” (Gen. 1-28). In this passage, the reference is not only in the biological growth of the church but the inference is much more (145).

Pastor’s performance appraisal assists in understanding the important element of Uyo Superintendency. In addition, the rapid church growth in Uyo Superintendency is an unprecedented event in the accomplishment and growth of the church and the various elements related to its development including pastor’s performance which must be understood closely. Especially, after overcoming the spiritual obstacles; those who have exhibited outstanding performance have given new life to individual and to the church. This has enabled further acceleration of the church and can surely be considered a merit. It is now hoped that with the new environment and with the new generation, the Uyo superintendency United Evangelical church can now sincerely turn back and reflect on the tremendous growth since the establishment of the church. It’s growth, and its spiritual influences are exhibited in its surrounding and the expansion of God’s Kingdom is made possible by mainly the guidance of our Lord but one cannot just overlook what is happening in the field where the pastor’s performance is being shown. Our Lord uses the person who is prepared by him and achieves his goals through him.


1.2       Statement of Problem

Appraisals are done in organizations to establish an employees contribution to the growth or decline in any establishment. This too is applicable to pastors. The Church requires a way to measure growth and how each Pastor contributes to it.

In Uyo, Superintendency of the United Evangelical Church, Pastors’ Performance Appraisal has not been duly administered; hence it is difficult to assess each pastor’s contribution to the overall growth. And when this is done, it is half-hazardly done, such that is difficult to measure. This study “Pastors’ Performance Appraisal on Church Growth” was carried out to assess the impact of Pastors’ on the overall growth of the superintendency.


  • Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to establish the effect of pastors’ performance appraisal on church growth in United Evangelical Church. The study will specifically,

  1. Find out the nature of appraisal system in United Evangelical Church
  2. Investigate the purpose of pastors’ performance appraisal
  • Find out the impact of pastors’ appraisal on church growth
  1. Discover the challenges surrounding pastors’ appraisal in United Evangelical Church


  • Research Questions
  1. What is the nature of appraisal system in United Evangelical Church?
  2. What is the purpose of pastors’ appraisal?
  3. What is the effect of pastors’ appraisal on church growth?
  4. What are the challenges surrounding pastors’ performance appraisal in United Evangelical Church?


  • Significance of the Study

The work will help Christians or United Evangelical church member in Uyo Superintendency to balance this issue of appraisal and church growth. It will also help pastors and church leaders in developing effective appraisal systems in their churches. Pastors’ performance Appraisal will contribute to the expansion of knowledge and scholarship in church administration and church growth.

  1. It will help in United Evangelical church Uyo Superintendency to assess the implementation of its appraisal report.
  2. It will help monitor church growth in United Evangelical Church, Uyo Superintendency.
  3. It will help pastors in the Superintendency appreciate their posting realizing that many things are taken into consideration, including their gifts, strength and weaknesses.
  4. The United Evangelical Church may apply the finding of this research in their future planning and administration.
  5. It will assist students of research as a resource material for future research.


  • Scope/Limitation of the Study

The study is limited to pastors’ performance appraisal within United Evangelical Church, Uyo Superintendency. It will explore the nature of appraisal system in the church, its purpose in church and its effect and challenges on church growth. It will be limited to United Evangelical Church, Uyo Superintendency.


  • Definition of Terms

Performance Appraisal: According to Pratt & Stenning, this deals with how organizations evaluate and measures its employee’s achievements and behaviors. It is an employee review by his manager where his work performance is evaluated and strengths and weaknesses are identified so that the employee knows his improvement areas. Performance appraisal is the right time to set new goals and objectives for the employees. Performance appraisal system allows the management categorize employees into performers and non-performers. It is primarily done to estimate the employees’ worth (26).

Church:  Wagner further adds that, church is defined as “an assembly of professed believers under the discipline of the word of God, organized to carryout the great commission administer the ordinances and minister with spiritual gifts” (283). The church must have the element of faith and discipline as pertaining to organization aligned to perform God’s word in God’s own power.

Growth: McGavran sees growth as the process of growing, development or an increase in activities, profit, etc. It can occur in plant, economic situation (Spiritual and physical) (309).

Church Growth: Is a movement within Evangelical Christianity which aims to grow churches based on research, sociology, analysis as well as making efforts to improve the population strength of the church. One prominent example is the “seeker-sensitive” approach, which aims to make churches more accessible and sensitive to the needs of spiritual seekers (McKee 14).


Superintendency: Evans described it as the charge, guidance, headship, stewardship as prominent in the office, post or jurisdiction of a superintendent (102). This implies that Evans sees superintendency as the office or post being headed by a person called superintendent.

For more clarity in this research, we shall define superintendency as a tier level of the United Evangelical Church which is the third tier in administrative hierarchy of the church.






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