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| Format: Ms Word | 1-5 Chapters | Table of Content|


Study Level: BTech, BSc, BEng, BA, HND, ND or NCE

Amount: ₦3,000.00


Chapter one: Background of the stud

  1. Introduction
    1. Statement of problems of the study
    1. Aim and objective of the study
    1. Significance of the study
    1. Scope of the study
    1. Limitation and constraints to the study


         The Project sales promotion as a promotional tool for product performance at introductory stage in a communication market” sales promotion occupies a very position in creating awareness and stimulate buying and it serves as a way of increasing demand for new product/ services and establishing the strength of the existing product and service in the market. The problem of this research work lies in the fact that some companies of different level have different way of making their product well know to their customer. The objective of this study is to improve trade relation, encouraging usage and purchase of large size unit by users and obtaining immediate sales response. Research makes use of primary and secondary method of collecting data while questionnaire was administered to the staff of Etisalat Communication  Ilorin, and therefore, finding revealed that sales promotion plays important role for ancestor by informed the potential investors that are very much interested in obtaining information about an organization. Sales promotion activities and its concept is the major solution for any problem that may arise in communicating system due to its impact and role in the course of satisfying the consumer through effective and adequate services in communication sector.

Sales Promotions: 7 Types and How to Implement Them



Sales promotion is a very important promotional mix in marketing because it plays a very important role for the survival of a new and existing product; it helps to develop the economic of the country. Sales promotion also offer short – term incentives to the customer to induce purchase for a particular product, it is therefore said that, while advertising offer a product with a reason to buy, sales promotion offer the product with an inventive to buy.

In other word, sale promotion also serve as a strategy of achieving cooperate objective in Nigeria, It also play major role through this it build product awareness, sales promotion techniques are highly effective in exposing customers to product for the first time and can serve as key promotion component in the early stage of new product awareness, several sales promotion techniques posses the added advantage capturing customer information at the time of exposure to the promotion. Interest can also be create through sales promotion because marketer find that sales promotion are very effective in creating interest in product, infect creating interest in often considered the most important use of sales promotion is also to build demand by confusing customer to make a purchase special promotion especially those that lower the cost of ownership to the customer (example price production) can be employed to stimulates sales for the cooperate objective to be achieved in an organization some of the sales promotion techniques are game, context, premium, product demonstration, point of purchase (P.O.P).

The negative effect of sales promotion is it will yield fast and measurable responses in sales but it will not yield new loyal nor term buyer in nature markets.


        This researcher study will generate answer to most of the question that constitute the problem of this research they are:

  1. Does sales promotion as a marketing strategy can be use to achieve the cooperate objective.
    1. To what extent did sales promotion satisfy an organization in term of achieving cooperate objectives.
    1. Does sales promotion as a marketing strategy has any effect on achievement of marketing objective.
    1. Is there any correlation between sales and sales promotion.


        General aim is to find solution to poor performance of a product in market.

  1. To find mean for increase sales
  2. To find how revenues can be improved
  3. To find how increase market share

General objective is to find how organization will survive, specific objective are:

  1. To improve sales value
  2. To improve standard of living of the society
  3. To grantee survival for the company
  4. To keep on encouraging people to buy during off season.
  5. To encourage present customer to interest their purchase capability.


         Since all organization and business have come to realize the important of sales promotion for achieving the organization objectives, this study is of immense value or benefit to the following:

  1. Academic
  2. To market
  3. Industry
  4. To government
  5. Researcher.
  6. Academic: This study has a vital impact to play academically as it will effective contribute to both knowledge of the researcher and academy in general. It will contribute to marketing literature which will serve as reference point.
  7. To target market: It is of significant to buy or the target as it create awareness, educate and appealing to the consumer on a particular product dissonance.
  8. Industry: This study is of significant to the manufacture as it enable them to chose an appropriate and understand effectiveness of sales promotion for the sales of the product and benefit derived from the product both local and international market, that will improve the profitability of the expansion.
  9. To government: It will improve revenue base for the government collection to taxes.
  10. Researcher: It is significant to the researcher because it widens the knowledge of the writer and serves as intellectual exercise likewise and serves as intellectual raise likewise it is require partial fulfillment of the requirement for the aware of higher National Diploma (HND) in marketing.


         The scope of the study means the encourage in the process of understanding this research work, basically the area of coverage of this study area:

  1. Conceptual scope
  2. Geographical scope
  3. Time scope
  4. Industrial scope
  5. Conceptual scope: for simplicity of the study, the conceptual scope of the study will base on application of sales promotion hence, emphasis will be laid on marketing strategy on product performance in the market.
  6. Geographical scope: The geographical scope of this stud is Lagos in Lagos state, and all the information used were gathered in Lagos.
  7. Time scope: This cover the periodic depth of the study. Therefore the four scope of the study is three (3) years back. All the will be the on that fall between 2008 – 2010 what happen is what we want to evaluate and make used of it, this however made the project to be made reliable and achievable.
  8. Industrial scope: The company that thus study covers is Etisalat communication company Plc. The company product is to provide good and effective communication through telecommunication process.

There are different types of obstacles accruing during bus research work: among these problems include the following:

  1. Time
    1. Financial constraint
    1. Respondence
    1. Geographical
  2. Time: Time constraint is one of the major problem that come up when making a research work, due to the time stipulated on the research work done to the lecture and tutorials that needs to be attending to but at the end of the researcher was able to adjust and make a proper planning for the research work.

By going for lectures from Monday to Friday and the lectures finish around 12 pm. The remaining time include the weekend to carry out the research work through the plans the research work come out positively.

  • Financial constraint: Money serves as a very difficult problem but thank be to God because I are able to solve it by getting finance this project.
  • Respondence: Another problem encounter by the research in carrying out this work was response majority of the respondents (Etisalat staff) felt reluctant to supply useful information in connection with the questionnaire supply there intention was that information could be used against the organization.

How ever there corporation was inherited or achieved upon the conviction that the research work is purely academic, its became possible as a result of the researcher ability to produce identity card.

  • Geographical: This also constraint to the success of the research due to the fact that the company head office is very  far away that the researcher has to embark on traveling adventure, but at the end despite all these constraints the research was able to write the being out a good report on the study.