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1.1 Background of the Study

The background of the study looks into the Effects of AKBC Radio in Political Mobilization of Women in Oruk Anam Local Government Area.

There are other communication channels like Television, interpersonal, newspaper and magazines; these are channels of information dissemination. But in view of how effective these channels could be used in performing the role of mobilizing women throughout Oruk Anam Local Government Area, in participating in politics. It’s credibility is given to AKBC Radio in getting political messages to its target audience (women) informed. Even though the newspaper and magazines for their non-transient features would have helped, it is found difficult these days to be affordable by average Nigerians and women in their own situation finds it more difficult to spend their income in buying newspapers and magazines in order to get information in this economic crunch situation in the state.

Hence AKBC Radio is used as their resort for information acquisition. Also the television due to its high cost, it’s not easily affordable by every family and for the traditional communication, since these targeted audience (women generally) some of which are from urban areas, it is found difficult or ineffective to disseminate information to them.

This is because they have socially developed  too, hence they can tune to their various transistors radio set to 90.5fm which is the AKBC radio station or channel for their entertainment and information.

Obiakalusi Lynda et al., (1990) in their research work stated that Nigerians political independence in 1960 had raised hopes of many that the nation  was being set towards achieving a free and democratic  society it is expected that the press such as radio in particular should be the market place of political thought. The radio therefore, should exist mainly to serve the information need of the citizenry in politics.

Akpan (1985) mass communication in Nigeria: Book of reading (Nweneli) says that the public is entitled to all facts in a political situation and that on the basis of these facts it can make its decision, however, these women being to revert to political interest.

The mass media generally performed broad social functions to the audience and these functions are entertainment, information and education. Therefore, the AKBC radio is playing the same function, in terms of providing messages to listeners, while it is entertaining them thereby raminding its targeted audience (women). Radio as an information channel has continued to wax as a medium of the people. Just like Kristie Peron executive director of the cape Town, South Africa base free play foundation posit that, radio is the tool and the greatest potential to reach the most people.




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