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Tanzania is still reaping in the benefits of the propitious social and political stability as a result of the painstaking efforts made by the late Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere till this date. Soon after independence, Mwalimu J.K Nyerere forged, among other things, a sense of national identity, unity and cohesion among all Tanzanians. He built a nation. All this was done through pursued public policies, which had a large impact on the current ethnic and tribal relations within the country (Miguel 2003). Several nation building initiatives were taken in the early post-independence period. These included:

  1. Adhering to the principles of social and economic liberation and human dignity. The ruling party at Independence, TANU, adhered to the principles of human dignity, equality and freedom of the individual, equality of opportunity in life and equal citizen political rights across all races and commitment to reduce income and wealth differentials in society and fight against corruption. These principles guided a large part of activities and initiatives which were instrumental in promoting social integration.
  2. Peace and Stability: recognition of the link between peace, stability and justice: Nyerere emphasized the point that the foundation of peace and stability is justice. Where there is neither justice nor hope of building a nation of justice it is difficult to achieve peace and stability. In his farewell speech to the National Conference of CCM in 1987 Nyerere reiterated that the foundation of Peace is Justice. He admitted that during his leadership Tanzania had not managed to achieve justice on all fronts as defined in the Arusha Declaration for a socialist society but it had managed “to make the people of Tanzania continue to believe and hope of building a just and equal society” (Nyerere, 1987). Nyerere acknowledged the role several other factors in contributing to maintaining peace and stability in Tanzania. These are the Swahili language, the Arusha Declaration, the one-party system and an army which was both patriotic and political.


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