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TwoSideOfACoin πŸŒ—

We are inseparable in nature
Our souls remains two cloned creatures
Our love story surpasses memory
We hits the ground, and it send sweet melody
We are like Two Side of a Coin πŸŒ—

I need you like you need me
They know you can’t do without me
Once in life you’ve love me, left a pace and time traveled
But I need you more than any foreign πŸ’΅ currency
My heart’s Royal MajestyπŸ‘‘, can’t you see?
We are like Two Side of a Coin πŸŒ—

You’ve always stood in for me
Laid your back on the ground so I rest mine
Ignore the furious echoes of rumors
Our love glue than super glue
And I’ve always wish they have a clue
That we are like Two Side of a Coin πŸŒ—

I’ve got no pains and nothing more to lose
But permit me to lose control at your sight
Inspire me to love you more while I breath
Your terrific taste caught up with my lips
Oh! my eyes are fixed at when we were best friends
When only permitted to curdling emotions that never showed
But destiny joined us and now
We are like Two Side of a Coin πŸŒ—

You said let’s keep maintaining our stands
Best friends never break the limits of friends I guess
But I love you, Yes! I’ve always loved you……..
Just thought to let you know and awake from this dream,πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
I wish we could clinched like Two Side of a Coin πŸŒ—

Inspired by “Need You” song by #FireboyDML

CEO @#ProjectSolutionz

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