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1.1 Background of the Study

The mass media have always been crucial in the social matrix of societies and nations. Apart from the traditional responsibilities of informing, education and entertaining in the society, media also help in the promotion of immediate and ultimate aims of individuals and the society. Also not to be discountanced is the stimulation of personal choice and aspiration. The media help in fostering individual and community activities geared towards achieving set goals. They help in shaping peoples’ attitudes, influencing decisions towards certain activities.

Edeani (1993) observes that the mass media are social institutions meant to foster development, transfer and sustain cultural values norms and standards for the purpose of having a equalitarian society. And the media tend also to affect individuals lives through the numerous programmes which have several implications for the lives of people in the society.

Among the numerous mass media channels, radio seems to be very influential and very effective in carrying or transmitting information from the source of communication to the receiver. Radio penetrates into the inner rooms of its audience and acts as companion while disseminating information to its listeners.

This characteristics causes radio to perform such roles as persuading and influencing people to take actions as transmitted though the radio.

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (New Edition) sees “Radio” or the media as the main way that a large member of the society receives information and entertainment. The medium is also fashioned to enlighten the general public especially consumers about what kinds of goods and services are available, where and how to go about acquiring such goods and services.

In the performance of this economic role, the medium just like other mass media structures promotes the interest of both buyers and sellers and also protect consumers from unsafe or low quality products and provides information on alternative choices and locations for easy access to products.

It thus encourages consumerism which the world Encydopedia (1992) defines as a set of activities by individuals, independent organizations, government agencies and business to protect the consumers from unethical market conduct. The movement seeks to provide adequate information about products so that consumers can make wise decisions in purchasing goods and services.

Most information received from the radio are anchored on programme. Programme in the radio is a segment of content intended for broadcast on radio. It may be one-time production or part of periodically recurring series.

According to Ezekiel Atsemeh (2010: p. 21). Programme helps in guiding media professionals in broadcasting schedule. Such programmes include market guide which help the target audience in decision making.

In view of these, this work seeks to find out the influence AKBC radio programme “market guide” has on the audience.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

Radio is an audio medium print media. Hence, it is believed that most people have radio set and listens to programmes from the radio, one of this which is market guide. But what is not established is if the listeners do their buying based on the influence of the radio programme “market guide”.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

  1. To find out whether residents of Uyo Local Government Area listen to radio.
  2. To find out whether AKBC radio programme “market “guide” influenced residents of Uyo Local Government Area.
  3. To ascertain the extent of influence of AKBC radio programme “Market Guide” on residents of Uyo Local Government Area.
  4. To determine the purpose of AKBC radio programme “Market Guide




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