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This dissertation was a perceptional study in which the influence of branding and consultancy services on sports development in Nigeria was investigated. The indices were; Construction and management of sporting facilities, Funding and financial management, Performance of coaches, athletes and sports managers, Sports organizational structure and personnel management and Hosting of the National Sports Festival. Related literature was reviewed. From a population of 7,441 made up of coaches, athletes and sports managers, 372 respondents were sampled for the study. A set of questionnaire designed by the researcher, vetted by supervisors and jurors and tested through a pilot study, was used to solicit the opinion of respondents. The data generated was analysed using descriptive statistics (one-tailed t-test) to test the major and first six sub-hypotheses while the Pearson Product Moment was used to test the sub-hypothesis on the correlation between the influence of branding and consultancy services on the indices of sports development in Nigeria. Results revealed that branding and consultancy services influence funding and financial management, performances of coaches, athletes and sports managers as well as selection and specialization in sports by athletes in Nigeria. However there is no significant influence of branding and consultancy services on the construction and management of sporting facilities, organisational structure and personnel management in sports and hosting of the National Sports Festival in Nigeria. It was recommended that National Policy on Sports should be reviewed in order to inculcate new methods and strategies towards enhancing sports development initiatives in the country while branding experts and sports consultants should intensify regular training and retraining programmes for coaches, athletes and sports managers to update their knowledge and skills. For further studies, it would be of academic interest to investigate why sports fans in Nigeria


prefer         foreign         clubs         and         athletes         to         their          home         based         counterparts.
















1.1          Background to the Study


This research was aimed at investigating the influence of branding and consultancy services on the development of sports in Nigeria. It has been observed by this researcher that Nigeria is a sports loving country. This is demonstrated by the fact that Nigerians always forget about their ethnic, religious, political and socio-economic differences and unite in solidarity to support individuals, clubs or teams representing the country in international competitions. Sports have proved to be a uniting force for Nigerians over the years and many youngsters in the country continuously get involved in various sports with the desire to earning a living. Many Nigerian sports men and women have become professionals, heroes and legends in their respective sports. Any intellectual or physical initiatives, efforts and activities (including branding and consultancy services) geared towards improving the standards of sports in Nigeria therefore, is a right step in the right direction as it will go a long way to enhance sports development in the country..


Smith (2000) defined branding as a technique in which businesses utilise the images or portraits of well known personalities as a marketing strategy to enhance the sale of their products or services. It also refers to the act of giving a particular name and image to goods, events and services so that people will be attracted to patronise them. Branding includes the use of a wide variety of sports products by companies like Adidas, Puma, Nike and Reebok who are well-known producers and manufacturers of wears and other sports goods. These and other smaller companies manufacture and sell products bearing the logos, portraits and images of popular sports personalities. Marketers use branding as a strategy to advertise and make favourable impact to sell their products or services to the targeted customers.


1.2          Theoretical Framework



This study was based on two major theories reflecting the two major dependent variables of „branding‟ and „consultancy‟ namely; Service Logic Theory of Branding and Strategic Consultancy Management Theory.

1.3         Statement of the Problem



Influence of branding and consultancy services on sports development in Nigeria is the main thrust of this study.


1.3.1 Branding.



Langerd and Eiglier (2001) viewed branding as a marketing approach that is geared towards facilitating interactions with customers in the consumption process. They narrated that in France, the foundations for incorporating branding within the scope of marketing services were laid in the early 1980s. During the same period in North America, branding jobs were made available to organisational staff through internal marketing strategies. Marketers were able to use branding to boost sales of existing products and enter new markets by using the logos, portraits and images of popular sports entities.



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